Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Squirrel Update And Other Stuff, Including Franklin Habit

After a long and faithful day of "Squirrel Patrol", Heidi finally took a rest around 5:00 yesterday afternoon......but when I got home from knitting last night was back on patrol. I explained to her that the little %$#$^&* wasn't a threat at night (unless Heidi knows something I don't).......but she kept a faithful watch nevertheless!!

I did a spot check this morning and as of 8:30, no little munch marks on the tin foil.....hey...I may be on to something here.......look for the Tin Foil Squirrel No More Infomercial, only $9.99!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! (Hey, if people will buy THIS they would probably buy my Squirrel deterrent!!! LOL!!!

I hope to finish the re-knit of the first test knit sock tonight and keeping my fingers crossed I can get the second one finished this weekend.

Two buds in my knitting group are knitting the other two versions.....Bibby and Suzanne and I was surprised that their versions are completely different patterns!!! Both VERY pretty patterns!!!!!

Ohhhh.......OHHHHH.......I found this in my "in box" this morning!!!!!!!!!

Dear Darlene,

This is your official notice that you are one of the participants in the final shoot for Franklin Habit's 1000 Knitters Project, on Saturday October 11, 2008. (Somebody pinch me)!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a WONDERMOUS,squirrel free weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maddy said...

Official indeed. Good luck with the last one. Kitty has my sympathy vote, we're also outnumbered on the squirrel front.

Bibby said...

My mother "hated" crows because they woke her up in the morning cawing! One day she got herself a a "trusty" slingshot to take care of the problem........ Maybe, you too should consider this idea.

Congrats on the photo shoot!

Bubblesknits said...

I shall be your personal stylist for the photo shoot. ;-) Or your make-up artist. Yarn holder? Either way, I'm coming with you! lol

Suzanne B said...

Now how did I just know that we would get lucky enough for Bubbles to join us. I need to start working out my ab muscles in preparation for all the laughing that will be happening.

Here is to hoping the squirrel if full of wood now.

sydney said...

Congrats on the photo shoot and on winning the squirrel battle.

tonni said...

Congrats! What a knitting star we have in our midst!!!

Emily said...

Lucky lucky lucky! Can you stand waiting until October?

wendy g said...

The squirrel story is too cute! Hopefully Heidi has keep him under control!
Congrats on the photo shoot.

Kathy said...

I love fall too! I will check out your friends Bibby and Suzanne's blogs. THanks

ginger said...

Wow congratulations! I am so happy for you!!!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Congrats! And you're welcome ... (for sending you that note, remember) tehe.

BTW, my DH hates squirrels ... he calls them tree RATS! They like digging in his lawn and he use to sit out back with a hose to spray 'em.