Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Apologize For Blogger

For SOME STUPID reason the new blogger will not allow anyone to comment on my blog, despite the fact that I have not changed the settings and comments were allowed just yesterday.

If you try to post a comment today and are not able to do so please feel free to contact me direct radhouse@mindspring.com until I can get this situation cleared up.

Blogger has turned into a temperamental thing!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Bloomin Feet Yarn Update!

I have been looking at various yarns to use for my Bloomin Feet Secret Pal....my theory was if I chose a yarn that was not the "every day" variety it might make up for not being able to knit something fancy.
In my search, I ran across Sweet Georgia Yarn. I have not heard of this particular yarn and discovered that this is a "Canadian" yarn, only carried in about 5 stores in the U.S. I was disapointed to discover that most of these shops didn't carry much in their inventory. Apparently, Sweet Georgia Yarn is dyed in small batches and sells out incredibly fast!! I was able to find one shop, Dublin Bay, in Portland, Oregon and spoke with Tricia, who was so gracious to check her inventory to see what she had in stock with enough yardage to make a pair of socks and this is what we came up with......what do you think? The yarn feels really nice!! I also received a sweet little thank you note as well as a stitch marker!! I am also looking at some hand dyed yarn and I am waiting on some swatches to be mailed to help me with my final decision on what yarn weight to go with. I also have some GREAT yarn that I recently purchased that fits my pals color preferances......Ah.....so many choices!!! Stay Tuned.........

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bloomin Feet Swap!!!!

I received my match for the Bloomin Feet Swap!!

Now the pressure is ON!! I am perusing yarns right now, I have several choices in mind....just haven 't made up my mind yet.....hmmmm, may need to check out the LYS, just to be sure they don't have something new!! (O.K. I know it is just an excuse to go shop!!) LOL!!

BUT.....the REAL pressure is that I have only knitted socks for feet that I have easy access to.....like MINE and my DH!! It didn't hit me until the other day that I am not so sure that I can make a sock to fit a foot that I can't try it on while knitting!!! I do have my pal's foot dimensions.....and I do have a pair of sock blockers that are that approximate length....but STILL......Oh the PRESSURE!!!! I am starting to stress out about this!!! I have checked out the other members blogs and they are AWESOME sock knitters!!!! My socks are of the very basic variety......guess I better come up with some fantastic yarn to compensate for my lack of skills at this point!! LOL!!!

Stay Tuned!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Darlene Arrived....With Goodies!!

Darlene Arrived Today!!!

I had about talked myself out of buying anymore sock yarn till I had knitted up a portion of what I have in my stash....so it's all Paula's fault that I bought this yarn!! (Like I needed anyone to talk me into buying more sock yarn!!) LOL!!

I ask....could you POSSIBLY turn down the VERY LAST Skein available....especially when it is your name sake yarn??? No, I didn't think so!!!

If you haven't checked out Paula's blog please do...she is working on an incredible vest...started out as TRIANGLES....you need to see this!!

Sweater Update And Other Knitting


O.K. If you squinch up your eyes and use your imagination.......you can ALMOST imagine this as a sweater!! Can't you??

This is SLOW going for me!! I knit a few rows and find myself getting "fidgety" to get back to sock knitting!!

I have made a bit more progress since this picture was taken....but not much! It seems like I knit, and knit and KNIT and I'm not really getting anywhere!!! But.....I know slow and steady gets the sweater finished!!

I am also working on a couple of pairs of socks. The purple pair is knit with Blue Moon Fiber Arts which was a gift from Tonni awhile back. I wanted to make a few more pairs of socks before I knit with this....I have to admit I am SOOOO in love with this yarn!!!

I am calling this my "swamp" socks.....the pic doesn't show the true color....but picture the green slime that grows in slow moving water and THAT is the color of this yarn! This is yarn that I purchased from Fearless Fibers, which is an Ebay seller. I have bought 3 skeins of yarn from this seller and have been pleased with all three!

Updates to follow at a later date so check back!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What $521.00 worth of Love Looks Like

Poor Max!!

Yet ANOTHER surgery!! This is Max's second surgery for bladder stones....despite being on a special diet which costs $41/month!

Ahhh....the things we do for love!!!

OH.....and let's don't forget the prescriptions!!

But....what can I say? He's worth it and as long as he isn't suffering and I can pay the bills we'll do what we have to!!

Nothing like the unconditional love of your pets....unless of course you own a cat (which I do).....and we ALL know their love comes with a plethora of "conditions"!! LOL!!! (But worth it too)!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

NEW Sock Yarn!!

I have gotten SOOOO hooked on the Lime N Violet Podcasts!!! Miss Lime and Miss Violet are absolutely the funniest, raunchiest, bawdiest, "ladies" I have ever heard!! They are a cross between NPR and a Saturday Night Live skit!! LOL!!

Their Yarn Porn report is great.....they find all these wonderful folks that spin and/or dye their own yarn and here are two they reported on.

First: Sunshine Yarns This particular yarn is 100% Superwash wool, 450 yards. The picture doesn't do the color justice!! SOOO soft!!

Second: Spunky Eclectic 100% Superwash, 550 yards. Again, the picture doesn't do justice to the actual colors. Spunky Eclectic will let you choose your weight and custom dye for you!! Click on the link "Order a color or yarn that's sold out" section.

Both of these yarns are INCREDIBLY soft and I can't WAIT to get started on them!!!

I AM still working on my sweater......M.A.Y. post a pic tomorrow of my progress.....which of course isn't nearly as far along as Tonni's!!!

If you haven't seen Becky's latest blockers.....Oh My!!! The "Three Little Fish" are absolutely AWESOME....she is so very talented!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Connection To My Past!!

Awhile back, my mother mentioned to me that she remembered my Grandmother, along with several other ladies in their town, meeting once a week at the local doctor's home to knit socks for the troops!

I never knew my Grandmother knew how to knit, much less was involved in a project such as this! My Grandmother taught me to crochet but I don't recall her mentioning that she knew how to knit!!

I was so intrigued by the thought that ladies across the U.S. were meeting in homes to make socks for the troups....rather than the socks being machine made...... that I decided to do a search for vintage sock patterns to see if I could find any patterns such as might have been used.

I was so tickled to find that the Red Cross had this commemorative kit for sale along with other "vintage" style items. The kit is $25 and comes complete with a copy of the 1942 pattern that was distributed across the U.S. along with the wool and needles.

The presentation was really nice!! Everything wrapped in tissue paper! "The Humble Sock" printed on the inside of the lid was so interesting to me! Apparently the socks were knitted, turned in to local chapters, each sock was checked by hand and if it was found "lacking" in any way it was ripped out, re-wound and re-distributed for another go round!

If you are a sock knitter I would highly recommend spending the $25 to purchase this kit.....if for no other reason than you are helping the Red Cross!!

I just think it is so cool to know that in 2007, I can sit down and knit the same pattern that my Grandmother knitted in the early 40's!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm All Signed UP!!

I DID IT!!!!

I signed up for the Hurricane Sock Party 2007!! I'm not a GREAT knitter but I think with the right yarn I can manage to produce ONE decent sock to swap with someone! This will be my VERY FIRST Swap and I am VERY excited!!!

Also looking forward to receiving my first Socks That Rock yarn from the Rockin Sock Club!

In addition to the above......I am working with Tonni....(well, Tonni is working with ME) to knit a sweater. Tonni, is a phenomenally fast knitter and is WAYYY ahead of me! I plan to knit tonight and have a pic to post tomorrow!! (Feeling the pressure here....check out Tonni's blog!)

AND......last but not least......I have plans to make my first lace shawl!! Becky brought me the pattern (written out in format for dummies...oops...I mean for beginners).....and I truly think I can make this!!!

I finished one sock with SRS yarn from Tonni, have casted on a sock using some Fearless Fibers yarn (yes.....BEFORE I finished the SRS mate).

Whew!!! I'm out of control here!!! This is SOO unlike me!! I don't have any more time to knit than I did last year......but hopefully as my skills are improving....EVER SO SLOWLY......I am able to accomplish more in the same amount of limited time.

I just LOVE to knit!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

You Are an Espresso

At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high

Monday, January 01, 2007

What I Did Today!

I'm not a lush....REALLY!

I LOVE New Year's Day!!! I stay in my P.J.'s all day, drink Mimosa's, eat whatever, whenever, read a bit, knit a bit and generally end the day with a long hot soak in the tub and a good book!! Ahhh.....heaven!!! If only every day could be so wonderful and stress free!!!

I thought I might finish this sock......I'm almost down to the toe decrease.....I am SOOOOO loving this yarn!!! It is Blue Moon, Socks that Rock yarn and there is just no comparison between it and the Knit Picks Parade and Simple Stripes I have used in the past! Love it so much I joined the Rockin Sock Club. First shipment is in February.....I sure hope I am going to be able to follow the patterns that accompany the yarn each shipment! I'm still pretty much a beginner! Thanks Tonni for leading me astray......um.....I mean for sharing this great yarn with me and telling me about the Rockin Sock Club!! LOL!!!