Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Wishing everyone a safe, fun New Years Eve!!

Resolutions at a glance: (For Starters)

1. Organize and post on Ravelry
2. Organize massive yarn stash
3. Learn to knit two socks at once, Magic Loop method.
4. Knit a cupcake.
5. Knit a Clapotis
6. Post more actual knitting/spinning content on this blog.
7. Work on finishing techniques
8. Finish vest started 3-4 years ago
9. Exercise more
10. Oh...and lose weight.....AGAIN!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I hope that everyone has a most WONDERFUL Christmas!!!!!

As adults, between the shopping, planning, endless running, etc. it is hard, if not down right impossible to remember what it was like to be a child at Christmas.!!!! Remember how much fun it was????

I remember going to both of my Grandmother's houses for Christmas....I remember the fresh coconut cake and fresh ambrosia that my Grandmother so lovingly prepared for us each and every year. It was a tradition!! Sometimes I was lucky enough to be at her house when she was preparing the coconut. I remember always being amazed that a round, hard brown harry ball could be cracked open, there was "milk" inside and when poured out the "rind" could be shaved into such wonderful goodness!!! I remember blue electric candles in the window....always Blue....hmmm....I think I'll change mine next year to Blue!!!

I remember going to my Mama Grace's house where there was always a HUGE crowd of family....aunts, uncles, cousins.....TONS of food.....TONS of presents under the tree. I just remember how excited I always was....I never knew just which one was could be any one of the many assorted size presents under the tree......I would always try to peak and see which one had my name on it!

I remember driving home on Christmas Eve, watching the sky to see signs of Rudolph!

I remember going to bed with such a feeling of excitement and anticipation.....half of me wanting to stay awake so I could hear Santa when he came and half afraid he wouldn't come if I was awake and trying to MAKE myself fall asleep!!! LOL!!!

Oh to be a kid again and be filled with such a sense of excitement and wonder.......being an adult with all the wonderful entitlements it comes with is highly over-rated sometimes!!! LOL!!!

So many wonderful memories!!!!

Take time to stop, spend just a few minutes and try to recapture that magical time!!

While I'm counting my blessings I am most grateful for my family, for all the precious people in my life.....I am so blessed to have so many friends....and not just "friends" but many TRUE, GREAT friends!!!!

I am so very grateful that I was raised "in the church" as we say down here in the South. I could not make it in this world without my Savior.....Jesus....who gets me through each and every day!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chicks With Sticks Christmas Party

Last Sunday was The Chicks With Sticks Second Annual Holiday Party!! Cindy so graciously hosted this event (as well as last year)......and what a party it was!!!

We had the MOST fantastic lunch!!! Cindy is an AWESOME hostess......every detail was covered and everything was presented in the most beautiful way!! I failed to get pics of the house which is decorated so beautiful.....but Ginger has a great post from Monday with pics of a few of the decorations.

We were served some incredible spinach, artichoke, parmesan, appetizers that were OUT of this world!!! Two choices for soup....both of which were just FANTASTIC......Cindy's famous Salad, hot rolls, home made chocolate bread pudding that there are just no words to describe it is so good.........and then cookies.........lot's and lot's of homemade cookies!!!

There were Mexican Wedding Cookies made by Ginger.....

AND.....the MOST fantastic Pralines by Ginger!!

And just WAYYY too many cookies to post pics!!!

Everyone brought several dozen and we had great fun loading up our tins with an assortment of cookies to take back home!!! (Because you can NEVER have too many cookies)!!

Cindy made everyone a very clever ornament last year........and another creative one this year!! Perhaps her inspiration came from the sheep we saw at SAFF???

A bit of decorating is taking place around here.....better late than never I guess......this is our first Christmas with Bella and before the tree was decorated we wanted to "test the waters" so to speak as to how she would handle it.

After a great deal of munching.....yes.....she was EATING the tree....she finally decided while the "greens" were tasty.............

the sap was a pain to deal with.....and she hasn't touched the tree since!!! (Or perhaps I should say SO FAR)!!!

More decorating will commence but I DID somehow managed to decorate my favorite thing in the house last night!!! LOL!!!

And just to prove this wheel isn't for decorative purposes only..... I have indeed spun a little something on my wheel....just not time right now with all that is going on with the Holidays.....but I am already looking forward to several nice January weekends by the fire spinning away!!

This is some GORGEOUS roving that Jessi gave was purchased from Funky Carolina (Here in Birmingham) is SOOOO soft and the most beautiful green and lavender!!! Jessi also makes the CUTEST stitch markers...... check her Etsy shop here. Her stages of knitting markers are tooo cute!!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Santa "Claws" Is REAL!!!!!

There seems to be a mystery swirling around my house that for the life of me I just can't figure out!! Now, don't get me wrong...... I LOVE a good mystery, but this one is so thoughtful I feel like a ginormous "Thank-You" needs to be issued.....but I don't know WHO to extend my heartfelt thanks to!!!!

I got home from Christmas shopping (which I didn't finish by the way).....and found a package at my front door. My mind was whirling as to when exactly I had COMPLETELY lost my mind because I couldn't remember for the life of me WHAT I had ordered!!!!

I was so very, VERY tickled to discover so many
THOUGHTFUL gifts!!!!

The bell ornament is much detail!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I love anything that is much time and effort!!!

Truffles?? TRUFFLES????? OH my......what could be better than TRUFFLES???????? I LOVE Lindt Truffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And.....Jim Shore....I love Jim Shore's work!! Was this a lucky guess or is my "secret santa" someone that KNOWS I love Jim Shore!!! Hmmm??????

I have not seen this Jim Shore figurine....and the sweet little sheep? Do you see that sweet little sheep Santa is holding???? I am going to keep this Santa on my shelf all a reminder that even though I may not always be in the "moment" is there for the taking and I just need to slow down and appreciate and be especially grateful for all the wonderful, thoughtful friends I have in my life!!!

I can't thank my "secret santa" enough for such an incredibly thoughtful.....wonderfully timed gift!!!!

I am so far behind on shopping/decorating/baking that I have been feeling I have missed the boat this season........thank you "Santa Claws" for getting me back on track!!! There's still time!!!

*Oh....and don't think I didn't examine the box for a clue as to who you are.......but I guess "Santa Claws" doesn't use the regular postal stickers because oddly enough.....the city this was postmarked in was NOT on the label)......who says there isn't a real Santa Claws??????????

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Would Someone PLEASE Explain??????

Here's the deal.

Bella has eaten the same kitty food since we got her several months ago.

On my last trip to Wally World they were out of her regular food and I was forced to buy another brand/flavor.

Upon filling the bowl with her new food, Bella scarfed this stuff down like it was Godiva chocolates........I fill her bowl to the top every morning and what used to last the entire day and evening is now pretty much gone by lunch time!!

SO.......I get up this morning, go to the laundry room to fill the feline food bowl and this is what I found!!!

We are not big drinkers in this household....(although come to think of it maybe we should drink more)!! LOL!!

I have a basket of wine bottle corks that I have saved from the various dinner parties we have had over the past few years...needless to say there aren't too many corks. I have had this basket on my counter since day one of bringing Bella home.

NOW......I'm not sure if Bella "snagged" one of these corks on her nightly episodes of pillaging, "killed" it and is laying it out for my approval or if she is trying to let me know that she would like a nice bowl of Merlot to go with her new food!!!!! LOL!!!

Can anyone recommend a nice Merlot to go with Purina One???? LOL!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving And A Good Trade!!!

Isn't this a beautiful view? This picture was made early this morning!! I love how the fog looks swirling through the trees!!!

The day started out with such anticipation for me!!! I could barely sleep last would think it were Christmas Eve!!!

You see........I have (or had) some of these in my butler's pantry. Waterford Crystal....BEAUTIFUL....but I'm more a pottery kinda gal myself!!!

So I sold six of these in less than 24 hours on Ebay, took the money, went on a little drive this morning through the countryside to Montevallo.....SUCH a beautiful drive there with all the fog, beautiful colored leaves, the farm land!!! It just looks like heaven to me!!! I would love to live in Montevallo!!!

But....more on my destination. All roads were headed to this little baby!!!!

I am just so darn tickled I can't stand it!!! You give the wheel a tiny push....and it's like BUTTAH.....I tell BUTTAH it is so smooth!!!!

I haven't had time to spin on it....

Tradition takes first place this evening!!

The Cupcake is in the kitchen, making the Pumpkin pies that her great, great Grandmother used to make.......all six of them!!! She is QUITE the good cook!!!! So much so that I am practically in her way!!!!

So....I'll leave you with this vision of loveliness!!!!

I wish you all a most wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Count your blessings,
Name them one by one;
Count your blessings,
See what God hath done;
Count your blessings,
Name them one by one;
Count your many blessings,
See what God hath done.

Chorus from the Hymn Count Your Blessings!!

I know I am counting mine!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alabama Holiday Ornament Swap 2007

Emily suggested that all the Alabama Knit Bloggers participate in a No HASSLE, NO TREE required ornament swap for the Holidays!! What a GREAT idea this was!!!!

Due to computer issues beyond my control (Looking for the Devil you say???....look NO FURTHER.....he lives in WINDOWS!).....but I digress.....

Emily made this AWESOME button for us to all post on our blogs!!! Just in case you didn't receive the initial EM or haven't had time to read your EM here's the deal: If for any reason you missed the cut off of Midnight last night and still want in......leave a comment or EM no later than Friday by midnight and I'll pull some strings and get you in!!! LOL!!!

You are invited to participate in an Alabama Holiday Ornament swap, NO TREE REQUIRED….ornaments are for every occasion (they also look great hanging from kitchen cabinets, etc).

This is going to be an easy, hopefully fun swap for everyone!!

A) Cut off date to sign up is midnight Wednesday, November 14th. (Amended to Friday, November 16, midnight.

B) Cost: $ 10 including the cost of making the ornament, shipping and any goodies you might want to add.

C) Ornament stats: need to be shipped to arrive no later than December 14th.

D) Your ornament doesn’t HAVE to be knitted (but there are a lot of free patterns available on the web and don’t think you have to knit something elaborate…sometimes simple is the best ).........besides, you may end up a fabulous knitter, publish books and your partner might have one of your very first knitted items, VERY collectable!!!! BUT……If you are a new knitter and don’t feel comfortable knitting an ornament perhaps a creative knitting related type ornament!!

E) This will be a secret swap.

F) If you would like to participate, please confirm by returning this em along with the completed questionnaire. Everyone will be assigned a secret pal and I will EM you with your pals info!!


1. What winter holiday do you celebrate?
2. What is your favorite holiday snack, candy, etc?
3. What is your favorite color?
4. Anything you would like to add that might help your secret pal?
5. What is your snail mail address?
6. What is your em address and blog address?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Spinning Wheel on the Horizon

Cindy's wheel is due to be delivered TOMORROW!!! But it is a Christmas present so she won't get it till Christmas morning!!!!

Check out her blog...she is absolutely TICKLED to pieces and I am so excited for her!! Even if I am just teensy weensy bit jealous....this is a N.I.C.E. wheel!!!
Double drive and will carry her from beginning spinning though any fiber she should want to spin without having to purchase any additional upgrades. Cindy ordered her wheel with the Walnut finish.

I want one too!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also haven't had a chance to spin on Bibby's new wheel either!!!! Bibby got the Ashford Traveler double drive!! I L.O.V.E. this wheel !!!!! I love the larger treadles, I just like everything about it!!! Bibby ordered her's unfinished so she could finish it like she wanted......which she did an awesome job!!!

I want one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am T.H.I.N.K.I.N.G. (just thinking mind you)

about buying a used Ashford Traditional wheel......I like the clean looks of this wheel and it doesn't take up much space. I typically don't like anything modern looking....I like traditional or antique....which the Kromski Prelude is an awfully big temptation.....but this one has the option of ugrading to a double drive if I so choose in the future.

I have been VERY happy with my little Kiwi, so much so that I don't want to part with it!!!! I guess this is how folks end up with several wheels!!

We'll just have to is getting close to Christmas and if I had known before SAFF I wouldn't have spent all my mad money there....but this is a really good deal and I hate to pass up a good bargain!!!

Please feel free to share your thoughts about the Traditional if you have one or know someone that does!!!
I am on the fence about what to do!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SAFF 2007 Adventure

It was GREAT.....but now I sort of feel like Linus in The Great Pumpkin.....when he woke up and discovered he had missed "The Great Pumpkin" and realized he had to wait a WHOLE year!!!!

Oh, I don't think I missed too much....but it was so much anticipation, so much preparation, and then it all went by in a warp speed blur and ....well..... sniff, sniff......I want to go back!!! I don't want to wait a whole YEAR!!!! LOL!!







I'll post more later....when the swelling goes down in my brain from so much stimuli!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Just A Knitwit headed to SAFF!!!

Yes Ma'am, I am just a big Knit Wit and I am not ashamed to admit it!!! Down right PROUD in fact!!!

I am headed to SAFF on Thursday!!! I can't wait to see all the different animals, the process of sheering the sheep to creating yarn.....from Sheep To Shawl I believe is what they call it!! LOL!!!

Oh yeah....and the YARN and the ROVING and UNTOLD TREASURES!!!!!

I am so looking forward to meeting up with some of you wonderful women I have met through your blogs!!!

Depending on how warm/cool it is, our group will be walking around with "Bama Knitter" shirts and/or tote if you see one of us stop and introduce yourself!!!

Lot's of telling WHERE our knitting may take place....we have several "after hours" visits to make as involving the Chocolate Fetish in Ashville!! Hmmm.....if knitting were chocolate I wonder what flavor it would be???????? is going to be 4 fun filled days.....I may not sleep a WINK!!!!!!!

P.S. Check out Bibby's yarn...this is her first yarn to spin and it looks AWESOME!!!!!!!

See ya'll Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Morning Breakfast and a Surprise Find!!

Ahhhh.....what could be better than some hot Blueberry Waffle Socks and a Cup of Java for a Sunday Morning Breakfast!!!

I think this pattern has been around for a long time......this is my first pair and definitely won't be my last pair!! Knit with Fortissimo yarn, size one needle, Magic Loop method.
Such an easy knit!!!!!

And a Surprise Find!!

Don't you just love it when you run across a site that sells something you like and it turns out to be one of those AWESOME places to shop so much so that you just HAVE to tell everyone about it????

Well here it is..... Wooly Treasures, a shop I found on Etsy quite by accident.
This is a fellow Alabamian who dyes, spins, knits, name it.

By and large I think most fellow knitter/spinners will always be kind enough to share a word or two with you about their craft but Janey has gone out of her way to answer so many questions, offer suggestions and advice to this new spinner!!

I have ordered several bags of her roving and I can tell you that the pictures on her site do NOT do justice to the beautiful colors she dyes!!!!

I love the fact that she packs her roving in clear cellophane bags tied with ribbon, like a present for you or wrapped and ready to go as a gift!!!!

If you have a color combination in mind Janey will correspond with you to get down pat just the colorway you are looking for prior to dying!!! Just an awesome lady to chat with!!! Take a minute to bookmark Wooly Treasures and check in regularly!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Email Received Today From Cindy: Don't you hope they have yarn in Heaven?

My Reply: Well….If they DON’T then I guess that means we didn’t make it to heaven!!!

I hope my Heaven is ONE BIG YARN store and I have unlimited credit!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Thursday......That Means KNIT NIGHT!!!

Tonnie sent me this card and it just SOOOO reflects our Chicks With Sticks group!!!
Invariably someone is frogging or tinking because we can't seem to keep on track with our pattern knitting due to all the "distractive" conversations!!! Some knitting related and oh so many NOT knitting related!!! LOL!!! (Oh my can we get off the beaten path)!! LOL!!!
Someone always makes the comment that next week they are going to bring something that doesn't require a pattern so they can knit without messing up!!! LOL!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


After an exhaustive input of Data into our system, including logarithms, the binary system and maybe even a bit of quantum physics we have CONTEST WINNERS!!!!!

The 50th person to comment was Renee!!!

The Winner of the STR Yarn drawn from the first 50 commentors is..................insert drumroll please.....................
NICOLE!!!!! Congratulations Nicole!!! I haven't had time to go all the way through Nicole's blog but considering she is not only a knitter but a fellow dog lover I'm thinking we have quite a bit in common!!!!! LOVE her creative way of using her dogs to display her DO you get them to behave so well??? I'll be in touch with Nicole and let her choose what color STR from my stash she would like. Thanks again Nicole for entering!!!

In the event that I was able to get 50 folks to comment on my blog I was going to draw for my SECOND favorite sock yarn.....which is Sophie's Toes, .....LOVE her colors, I have never had any colors to pool sure and check her items sold list to see some of the awesome colors she makes. Be sure to sign up for her EM notification list, her yarn generally sells MOMENTS after listing!!! And the winner is.................
AMY......who states she hasn't knit very many she is in for a real treat with the Sophie's Toes yarn!!!

4th And Final DRAWING!!! I was so afraid that it would take me 4-ever to get 50 different folks to find my blog and comment but found it was only a day to get make the contest last a little longer I decided to close the contest as soon as the 100th comment was left. Names were placed in a hat......and the THE WINNER IS........
SheepsPyjamas....Don't you just love that name? A skein of sock yarn will be on it's way to you!!!!!

Many, many thanks for all the folks that the next week or so I'll be going through all the blogs...I am SO looking forward to finding out what patterns everyone enjoys and adding some new one's to my pattern collection!!!!

(Certified and Verified Winners)

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Oh MY....WOW!!!

I thought it would take me a month to H.O.P.E.F.U.L.L.Y get 50 comments but looks like I am going to have my 50th comment by lunch time today!!!

In order to give folks more time to participate here is what I am going to do.

First 50 folks go into the drawing for the STR yarn as well as for the drawing for my second favorite sock yarn as stated in the post below.

When I get to the 100th comment I will close the contest and enter the last 50 into the drawing for another skein of yarn!! Please be sure and leave your comment in yesterday's post.
yesterday's post.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am so tickled to find so many new bloggers and will be checking out your blogs!!! I have already seen so many patterns I haven't heard of not to mention so many of you love some of the socks that I felt I was missing out on!!! Been feeling guilty for awhile by just sticking to my tried and true "vanilla"sock...but looks like a lot of you enjoy it too!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's in YOUR Salad Spinner, The Grinch Came Early This Year AND A CONTEST!!!!

Do NOT adjust your are NOT crazy....That IS Yarn in the Salad Spinner!!!

Bibby ran by yesterday morning and brought me this!!! What a GREATidea!!

After soaking my single ply yarn the entire hank was bone dry the next morning.....despite rolling my 2 ply yarn in a towel it took 3 days for it to get completely dry...I could NOT get all the water out.......enter Bibby's fabulous Salad....I mean Yarn spinner!!!!!!!!! (and this is a Wayyyyy nicer spinner than the one I use for FOOD)!! LOL!!!

Got to have your priorities straight......right????????????? LOL!!!!!

Also included....SAFF Survival Kit!!! All those little essentials that you wouldn't think about until you need them!!! Smart gal that she is even included chocolate....yep....I can survive anything SAFF has to offer!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

My Sweetie.....they sure can fool you sometimes can't they??? You never know what they are "listening" to when you are talking......but apparently he was listening several months ago because he remembered I love lillys and Fall flowers!!! He got these for me, eagerly telling me how he hand picked the flowers for the girl to arrange!! I'm not sure what the burgandy flower is...sort of looks like a variation of a magnolia bloom....but the lillys smell stinky/good....I love them!!!!!! The picture doesn't do them justice at all!!! Didn't he do good......and to top it off he is color blind!!

Sunday with my family, wonderful food homecooked by Mom, (always a treat to sit down to someone else's home cooked food), evening out with my friends....just so very blessed to have great family and friends!!! More than this girl deserves I can tell ya!!!!!!!!!!!

And now for the GRRINCH!!!!!!!!!! (link to lyrics)

Whodathunk that the Grinch coming would be a GOOD thing??!! LOL!!!

NO heart full of unwashed socks with THIS Grinch (see lyrics). This pic does NOT do this yarn justice at ALL!!

I LOVE these colors and can't wait to get it wound into a yarn cake!!!

Cindy, of the aptly named Yarn Nut Blog and one of my many "enabler" friends gave me this yarn nestled amongst a pumpkin patch of gourdylicious gifts.....(if gourdylicious isn't a word is should be)!!

After a wonderful evening out with calls and more than a girl deserves (which I won't post but thank you each and every one) I feel the need to pay some goodness forward a bit.

SOOOOOOOOOO.....I am having a CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel the need to share the love!!!!!!!! (All while humming the Grinch song to myself)!!
And this contest is no three decker saurkraut and toadstool sandwich With arsenic sauce let me tell you!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Here's the deal:

Leave a reply on this email letting me know your favorite sock yarn and favorite sock pattern. (Because I LUV to knit socks...and because it is my contest I get to choose)!! LOL!!!

Winner will be drawn by random and receive one skein of STR yarn (my favorite sock yarn).

In the event that I can get 50 comments on my blog I'll draw a second place winner to receive a skein of my second favorite sock yarn....which I will leave as a surprise until the winner is drawn. If you can provide a link to the sock pattern you use that would be GREAT!!

Spread the word....spread the love!!!

I will leave the contest open until November 9th or till I receive 50 comments, whichever comes first ....that should give everyone time don't you think?????

Hmmm maybe the 50th commentor deserves something too!!!!!!!!!!

(addendum..I didn't choose 50 because I turned 50...not that it is too far off....but I'm stopping birthdays before I get to 50!! Hee! Hee! Fix that little problem right there!!)

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the Grinch song stuck in my head........

Oh MY....WOW!!!I thought it would take me a month to H.O.P.E.F.U.L.L.Y get 50 comments but looks like I am going to have my 50th comment by lunch time today!!!In order to give folks more time to participate here is what I am going to do.First 50 folks go into the drawing for the STR yarn as well as for the drawing for my second favorite sock yarn as stated above. When I get to the 100th comment I will close the contest and enter the last 50 into the drawing for another skein of yarn!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am so tickled to find so many new bloggers and will be checking out your blogs!!! I have already seen so many patterns I haven't heard of not to mention so many of you love some of the socks that I felt I was missing out on!!! Been feeling guilty for awhile by just sticking to my tried and true "vanilla"sock...but looks like a lot of you enjoy it too!!!!!

October 15, 100 comments!!! Contest Winners To Be Announced!! Thank you Very Much for your comments!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

So Much ANGST Over A Ball Of Yarn!!

Why do you taunt me????

I have envisioned many different beautiful, lush scarves....but let me work your lush fibers into my dream scarf then reject my hard work as not worthy of your fibery goodness!!!

Could this just be a game to keep me knitting you forever??????

You are SOOO bad!!!

This is the ball-O-yarn I spun from the roving that I bought from Elizabeth . I am SO tickled how the yarn turned out after plying!! I absolutely love the "rustic" looking, thick and thin yarn and have wanted to knit a scarf but seems like whatever I knit just looks like a wad of chunkiness!!

I tried a K2,P2 but unless some serious blocking will cause it to keep it's shape it just wound up on itself......tried a straight knit scarf and it just looked like a bunch of nubby yarn I threw around my neck.
How does one knit a scarf using thick/thin yarn and make it look like a scarf? These are size 15 needles....I have also tried 11 adn 13.

AND.....Tonni created some GREAT items for all the Alabama Knitters to purchase from!! Check it out!!! The tote bag is large enough to double as a shopping bag!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


There is WAYYY too much stuff going on this month and it has barely started!!

I have the Sockamania sock pattern that arrived yesterday.

Socktoberfest (no button this year darn it!!)

.....AND.....I have yarn that was bought specifically to make a pair of socks to wear to SAFF....sort of a sock challenge, 3 girls, same yarn....3 different sock patterns.

Uhmmmm.....I may not get my socks finished...especially since I haven't even cast them on yet...but will do that tonight! Maybe I can get ONE finished so I won't be too humiliated....I have only had the yarn for about ...well, lets just say ample time to knit a pair of socks!

AND...I've been Plying some everything else...this will require practice! LOL!!

I won't go into what happens when you ply in the same direction that you spin. It looked like REALLY LARGE Rami noodles , involves four letter words and we'll just leave it at that!!!! LOL!!!

Me Lovelies!!!!!!!! (Shown in crappy lighting)!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yarn Update and They Are EVERYWHERE!!!

I knit the first hank of yarn that I showed off in my previous the form of a scarf. The yarn reminds me very much of Noro style looks that is!!

UNFORTUNATELY.....the yarn is so scratchy next to my skin there is no way I can wear it.....may just have to re-knit as a scarf for Henny Penny who lives in my kitchen!!! VERY disappointed!!

Note to Self: Know what you are buying BEFORE you buy!

I have spun the BFL that I bought from Elizabeth, two bobbins. I decided to go ahead and give plying a try but I used my 3rd bobbin to spin some other I don't have a bobbin to use for plying....I have ordered extra bobbins and they should be here by Wednesday.....but until then................

A Bella Update:

We are a rather small business here....Bella helps out with the accounting part of things from time to time.

Darn It...I hate it when the paper gets off track!!

...........after a long week of crunching numbers she likes to get away for awhile by herself and just contemplate................ "things".

But you know what they say:

When the cat is away.........

The MICE will PLAY!!!!!!!!!

I Make NO apologies for refusing to grow up...I LOVE Halloween and I am not ashamed to admit it!!! These little lovelies are at Michael's or "Monster's Craft Store" as Jessi's little girl calls it. Check out Jessi's September 25th post.
AND.......last but not least........head over here to read about Bibby's big announcement.....under the "Work of Art" post.
(Enabled another one)! Hee! Hee!
Check out Cindy's Blog Too!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

From Roving To Yarn Cake....The Process

Please bear with me while I go on ad nauseum about my first yarn!!

I thought I had a picture of the roving pre spun but apparently I didn't make one so I bring you Bobbins-O-Yarn.

Next Comes The Niddy Noddy!!! (I just love saying Niddy Noddy......I don't know WHY)!!!! LOL!!

Then we have Yarn WASHING!!!!

Yarn Beating.....which unfortunately I do not have a picture of...use your imagination. I am sure it was quite humorous seeing me beat the "kinks" out of the yarn.... I felt strangly happy and rather peaceful after the beating of the yarn!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Next comes Drying and setting the yarn!!! As you can see, this requires very specialized tools!! LOL!! (Specifically the bottle of Windex aka yarn weight)

And Last But Not Least.... my VERY First Hand Spun Yarn Cake!!!!!!

This is the first skein I processed and I really did beat it too seems to be felted looking. The other two skeins were not beat as much and still hanging up, weighted as they had more not plying yarn apparently there is a fine line between beating the kinks into submission and felting!! LOL!!!

I will check the other two hanks and be sure there isn't too much twist....may have to re-soak and beat them into submission a bit more if they don't match up with this yarn well enough to knit with......

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy....I Made YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently all the excitement is too much for Bella......I'm OUTA here Crazy Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!