Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Morning Breakfast and a Surprise Find!!

Ahhhh.....what could be better than some hot Blueberry Waffle Socks and a Cup of Java for a Sunday Morning Breakfast!!!

I think this pattern has been around for a long time......this is my first pair and definitely won't be my last pair!! Knit with Fortissimo yarn, size one needle, Magic Loop method.
Such an easy knit!!!!!

And a Surprise Find!!

Don't you just love it when you run across a site that sells something you like and it turns out to be one of those AWESOME places to shop so much so that you just HAVE to tell everyone about it????

Well here it is..... Wooly Treasures, a shop I found on Etsy quite by accident.
This is a fellow Alabamian who dyes, spins, knits, name it.

By and large I think most fellow knitter/spinners will always be kind enough to share a word or two with you about their craft but Janey has gone out of her way to answer so many questions, offer suggestions and advice to this new spinner!!

I have ordered several bags of her roving and I can tell you that the pictures on her site do NOT do justice to the beautiful colors she dyes!!!!

I love the fact that she packs her roving in clear cellophane bags tied with ribbon, like a present for you or wrapped and ready to go as a gift!!!!

If you have a color combination in mind Janey will correspond with you to get down pat just the colorway you are looking for prior to dying!!! Just an awesome lady to chat with!!! Take a minute to bookmark Wooly Treasures and check in regularly!!!


elizabeth said...

You are wicked. I just ordered her two kitchen sink batts. Right on the toes of SAFF!!! What am I thinking?!?!? Ah well. They were so pretty, I couldn't resist.

joyce said...

you are such an enabler! now i'm going to have to go look at her site right away and order.

i feel very deserving of a present right now :)

Daily Fiber said...

What I've seen is beautimous stuff!!!

Emily said...

I was thinking about the Blueberry Waffle Socks just the other day (probably as an extension of my recent need for pie). This might lead to a need for waffles. I wonder if I even have a waffle iron?

Theresa said...

Love the photos. And the socks. That is a great, fun pattern.

Beck said...

I haven't tried that pattern yet. Love the socks.

Daily Fiber said...

I got to thinking about it & I can't believe the yarn held up under such heat!!!! Something to be said for that. LOL

Suzanne B said...

Yes, you are a very good enabler!! I love the socks, they look great.

wendy g said...

Beautiful socks. I must try that pattern too.