Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Wishing everyone a safe, fun New Years Eve!!

Resolutions at a glance: (For Starters)

1. Organize and post on Ravelry
2. Organize massive yarn stash
3. Learn to knit two socks at once, Magic Loop method.
4. Knit a cupcake.
5. Knit a Clapotis
6. Post more actual knitting/spinning content on this blog.
7. Work on finishing techniques
8. Finish vest started 3-4 years ago
9. Exercise more
10. Oh...and lose weight.....AGAIN!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I hope that everyone has a most WONDERFUL Christmas!!!!!

As adults, between the shopping, planning, endless running, etc. it is hard, if not down right impossible to remember what it was like to be a child at Christmas.!!!! Remember how much fun it was????

I remember going to both of my Grandmother's houses for Christmas....I remember the fresh coconut cake and fresh ambrosia that my Grandmother so lovingly prepared for us each and every year. It was a tradition!! Sometimes I was lucky enough to be at her house when she was preparing the coconut. I remember always being amazed that a round, hard brown harry ball could be cracked open, there was "milk" inside and when poured out the "rind" could be shaved into such wonderful goodness!!! I remember blue electric candles in the window....always Blue....hmmm....I think I'll change mine next year to Blue!!!

I remember going to my Mama Grace's house where there was always a HUGE crowd of family....aunts, uncles, cousins.....TONS of food.....TONS of presents under the tree. I just remember how excited I always was....I never knew just which one was could be any one of the many assorted size presents under the tree......I would always try to peak and see which one had my name on it!

I remember driving home on Christmas Eve, watching the sky to see signs of Rudolph!

I remember going to bed with such a feeling of excitement and anticipation.....half of me wanting to stay awake so I could hear Santa when he came and half afraid he wouldn't come if I was awake and trying to MAKE myself fall asleep!!! LOL!!!

Oh to be a kid again and be filled with such a sense of excitement and wonder.......being an adult with all the wonderful entitlements it comes with is highly over-rated sometimes!!! LOL!!!

So many wonderful memories!!!!

Take time to stop, spend just a few minutes and try to recapture that magical time!!

While I'm counting my blessings I am most grateful for my family, for all the precious people in my life.....I am so blessed to have so many friends....and not just "friends" but many TRUE, GREAT friends!!!!

I am so very grateful that I was raised "in the church" as we say down here in the South. I could not make it in this world without my Savior.....Jesus....who gets me through each and every day!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chicks With Sticks Christmas Party

Last Sunday was The Chicks With Sticks Second Annual Holiday Party!! Cindy so graciously hosted this event (as well as last year)......and what a party it was!!!

We had the MOST fantastic lunch!!! Cindy is an AWESOME hostess......every detail was covered and everything was presented in the most beautiful way!! I failed to get pics of the house which is decorated so beautiful.....but Ginger has a great post from Monday with pics of a few of the decorations.

We were served some incredible spinach, artichoke, parmesan, appetizers that were OUT of this world!!! Two choices for soup....both of which were just FANTASTIC......Cindy's famous Salad, hot rolls, home made chocolate bread pudding that there are just no words to describe it is so good.........and then cookies.........lot's and lot's of homemade cookies!!!

There were Mexican Wedding Cookies made by Ginger.....

AND.....the MOST fantastic Pralines by Ginger!!

And just WAYYY too many cookies to post pics!!!

Everyone brought several dozen and we had great fun loading up our tins with an assortment of cookies to take back home!!! (Because you can NEVER have too many cookies)!!

Cindy made everyone a very clever ornament last year........and another creative one this year!! Perhaps her inspiration came from the sheep we saw at SAFF???

A bit of decorating is taking place around here.....better late than never I guess......this is our first Christmas with Bella and before the tree was decorated we wanted to "test the waters" so to speak as to how she would handle it.

After a great deal of munching.....yes.....she was EATING the tree....she finally decided while the "greens" were tasty.............

the sap was a pain to deal with.....and she hasn't touched the tree since!!! (Or perhaps I should say SO FAR)!!!

More decorating will commence but I DID somehow managed to decorate my favorite thing in the house last night!!! LOL!!!

And just to prove this wheel isn't for decorative purposes only..... I have indeed spun a little something on my wheel....just not time right now with all that is going on with the Holidays.....but I am already looking forward to several nice January weekends by the fire spinning away!!

This is some GORGEOUS roving that Jessi gave was purchased from Funky Carolina (Here in Birmingham) is SOOOO soft and the most beautiful green and lavender!!! Jessi also makes the CUTEST stitch markers...... check her Etsy shop here. Her stages of knitting markers are tooo cute!!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Santa "Claws" Is REAL!!!!!

There seems to be a mystery swirling around my house that for the life of me I just can't figure out!! Now, don't get me wrong...... I LOVE a good mystery, but this one is so thoughtful I feel like a ginormous "Thank-You" needs to be issued.....but I don't know WHO to extend my heartfelt thanks to!!!!

I got home from Christmas shopping (which I didn't finish by the way).....and found a package at my front door. My mind was whirling as to when exactly I had COMPLETELY lost my mind because I couldn't remember for the life of me WHAT I had ordered!!!!

I was so very, VERY tickled to discover so many
THOUGHTFUL gifts!!!!

The bell ornament is much detail!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I love anything that is much time and effort!!!

Truffles?? TRUFFLES????? OH my......what could be better than TRUFFLES???????? I LOVE Lindt Truffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And.....Jim Shore....I love Jim Shore's work!! Was this a lucky guess or is my "secret santa" someone that KNOWS I love Jim Shore!!! Hmmm??????

I have not seen this Jim Shore figurine....and the sweet little sheep? Do you see that sweet little sheep Santa is holding???? I am going to keep this Santa on my shelf all a reminder that even though I may not always be in the "moment" is there for the taking and I just need to slow down and appreciate and be especially grateful for all the wonderful, thoughtful friends I have in my life!!!

I can't thank my "secret santa" enough for such an incredibly thoughtful.....wonderfully timed gift!!!!

I am so far behind on shopping/decorating/baking that I have been feeling I have missed the boat this season........thank you "Santa Claws" for getting me back on track!!! There's still time!!!

*Oh....and don't think I didn't examine the box for a clue as to who you are.......but I guess "Santa Claws" doesn't use the regular postal stickers because oddly enough.....the city this was postmarked in was NOT on the label)......who says there isn't a real Santa Claws??????????