Monday, September 29, 2008

Mentone Retreat 2008

Warning: Long Post!!

The Mentone Knitting/Spinning Retreat of 2008.

A group of 6 from our Knitting Group went to Mentone for a fun weekend of knitting and spinning (and a wee tiny bit of shopping)! LOL!!! . Diane, one of our knitsters owns this absolutely PERFECT house in Mentone and graciously invited us to spend the weekend! The views are absolutely breathtaking!!!!

The house has 3 bedrooms, a huge sleeping porch, two kitchens, 2.5 baths...... so there was PLENTY of room when six women arrived, complete with wayyy too much good food, all the assorted beautiful knitting bags you could imagine, two spinning wheels!! (and the ulimate addition of a BEAUTIFUL and MUCH coveted antique skein winder)......ahem.....

Every bedroom had a view....this was the view from the room that I shared with Cindy. Don't you just feel so sorry for us having to wake up to such a beautiful view????

Diane was the perfect hostess, arranging all the activities in advance so we were able to pack a LOT into one short weekend!!!

First up: The Rising Fawn Sheep Farm!! WHAT a wonderful excursion....I could have spent the entire day there!!!! We met the owner Brenda, who shared many stores about her trips to Africa helping others to learn to spin and support themselves through their craft, farming, etc. Such a wonderful woman!!

We were also treated to an up close and personal visit with the sheep!!

We were able to purchase yarn....(and I think there are going to be a LOT of fuzzy slippers in the near future).......I bought some of Sally's roving (Sally is the brown sheep)....and there were many other items to choose from in the shop.

After a run back to the house for a quick bite of the MOST fantastic soup and assorted goodies we were off and running.

Next Stop Pottery!!

Ohhhhh.......the pottery!!! We all succumbed.....that's all I'm saying!! LOL!!

The owner offered to take our group to his studio and while a bowl was being "thrown" explained the different stages of creating a pottery piece intermingled with his testimony and it was just lovely and very moving!!!

The story of Miracle Pottery can be found here.

Next: A wee bit of shopping and a few random shots...... no particular order.

We celebrated Wendy's Birthday!!!!!

Diane learned to spin......and she is G.O.O.D.!!!!

Her very first yarn....NO lumps, NO bumps, consistent.....VERY impressive yarn!!!!

Can you say MALABRIGO?????

She's GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh......I think we have a new was in the air about calls to order a wheel......"next time we spin"........."when my wheel gets here".......oh yea.......we have another convert!!! LOL!!! WELCOME!!!!

AND.......didn't I read somewhere that Susanne may have gotten the fiber fever too???????

Diane VERY thoughtfully gifted all of us a notebook and pen to record the weekend!! What a great idea this was!!!!

We were all gifted a memento bag from Wendy to commemorate the trip.....with a little help from a certain fabulous dyer and crafter....

We all received a skein of "Mentone" sock yarn, a Mentone '08 stitch marker and a magnet...(does this mean this is the first in a series)?? LOL!!

A tiny little container to hold stitch markers so we don't have to worry about losing them....a notepad and pen....felted frame for the fridge, which will be perfect for this picture.

AND.........Susanne gave us a BIG bag of Halloween candy in a CUTE halloween bag (work with me here....SURELY you couldn't have expected me to leave it intact with that much chocolate inside and goodies...... included a black sheep stitch marker TOOOO darn cut.....and a BLING measuring tape....because what girl in her right mind DOESN'T want more bling?

Six different women, sharing a full, fun, relaxing,exhilerating, WONDERFUL weekend!! What a joy to be able to do this and everyone mesh so if we were all different parts of the same person!!!!

WONDERFUL MEMORIES!!!!!!! THank you so much Diane!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Knitting/Spinning Retreat

I'm headed to Mentone for a weekend of Knitting, Spinning, and just general good times with a bunch of friends from my Knitting Group!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Is that a "Look" or WHAT????

Heidi routinely jumps in the "in box" on my desk....and gets ticked off because it isn't quite sturdy enough to support her....uhm....GIRTH shall we say!!

Despite numerous "adjustments"....she just can't lay down!!! If I ever learn to use my video camera I will post a is quite funny!!

Don't you just LOVE the "looks" that cats can give you??? Words are totally not necessary!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


THIS is what Football Saturday looks like in our house!!!

Hubby on one end of the sofa....Max on the other....

After extensive research, it has been determined that this is indeed the best position to properly view a college game(s).....furthermore, the addition of strategically placed pillows and soft sheet for Max, will INSURE maximum viewing pleasure!!

GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Today's Whisker's On Wednesday Post is all about worthlessness.........

Isn't this just the epitome of worthlessness???? LOL!!!

Heidi does like to bask in the sunshine and do nothing!!!

This is her MOST favorite spot in the house, with her second favorite being at the front door.....I don't think she will EVER get over the squirrel. Little bugger hasn't been back, but every morning, she faithfully reports for duty....until nap time!!

Heidi is a delicate little sleeper......she is a little nomad, never in the same place, no bed is "home" never know where to look for her, she may be on the sofa, behind a chair, on the bed, or in a closet.


The End!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Monumental Birthday and Knitting

My Princess Cupcake turned 13......THIRTEEN years old!!!!!

I can't STAND IT!!!!! I wish she could stay this age was all about the Baby Doll, playing dress up and "cooking" with Aunt Darlene.

Now she can cook better than I can!!!!

Happy 13th Birthday Princess Cupcake!!!!

I finished the test knit socks for Grace.

This was my first toe up sock, my only problem was a nice bind off that was stretchy enough to get over my BIG foot!!

This was a nice knit and I am hoping Grace is going to submit to Knitty (hint, hint).

And is yet another garment I have knit!!

I'm not happy with the design element on the shoulder (O.K., the way I joined at the shoulder)....

I'm hoping the 3rd time will be the charm in knitting something that I will actually feel good enough about to wear somewhere other than in the house!! LOL!!

Regardless.......It is all a learning process and I am enjoying learning (Oh ...ALRIGHT......I don't ALWAYS enjoy the learning process....hence me re-naming this the Bugger Vest instead of the Boogie Vest.....but I'm happy once I DO learn)!! LOL!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dish Rag Tag

Woo Hoo!!!! I received the Dish Rag Tag Pkg. today!!

I knit the dishcloth tonight and will be at the P.O. bright and early tomorrow morning!!

LOVE the doily!!! I was able to restrain myself from eating the chocolate BEFORE I posted a pic!!

Thank you SO MUCH Louise!!!

I completed my Tidal Wave socks......

And found the missing mate to the Jaywalker I finished last week!!
I am in the process of seaming the Boogie Vest and working on finishing the test knit socks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday quiet, be vewy, vewy qwiet.....I'll get wascally squirrel......ONE of these days.....I'll GET you!!!!!!!!!!

Faithfully STILL on patrol!!!!

So far, no sign of the squirrel!!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday.

A little Play Time..........

And sometimes it is good to bask in the sunshine and do absolutely NOTHING.........except for daydream about catching squirrels!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I love Fall.....I truly love Fall better than any other season!! I'm weird, but I LOVE the smell of the woods in the Fall, after a good rain....that smell of rotting leaves and wet dirt!! (I know, I'm weird)!!

Even though it is September and my mind is moving toward cooler days it IS still technically Summer (and here in the South, it generally doesn't cool down much until late October)......but a girl can still daydream about cool days spent spinning and knitting on the porch!!

Another pair of Jaywalkers finished!! (I would show you the PAIR of socks, but a 2 second search revealed a missing FIRST sock......along with the ballband from the yarn)! Could this be I have way too many sock bags scattered about??? LOL!!!!

Ahhhh.......just another disorganized day!! LOL!!

Knit with STR lightweight yarn.

I leave you with a picture of Heidi......hiding underneath her new piece of tissue paper...which truly is her favorite toy in the world!! She will dive, hide, chase, wrangle a piece of tissue paper until there is nothing left but little slivers!!

Disclaimer: Please do not confuse the dumbells as actual exercise implements.....they are lying on the floor simply as encouragement to pick them up and USE them but mainly for the purpose of stubbing one's toes on!!!