Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I love Fall.....I truly love Fall better than any other season!! I'm weird, but I LOVE the smell of the woods in the Fall, after a good rain....that smell of rotting leaves and wet dirt!! (I know, I'm weird)!!

Even though it is September and my mind is moving toward cooler days it IS still technically Summer (and here in the South, it generally doesn't cool down much until late October)......but a girl can still daydream about cool days spent spinning and knitting on the porch!!

Another pair of Jaywalkers finished!! (I would show you the PAIR of socks, but a 2 second search revealed a missing FIRST sock......along with the ballband from the yarn)! Could this be I have way too many sock bags scattered about??? LOL!!!!

Ahhhh.......just another disorganized day!! LOL!!

Knit with STR lightweight yarn.

I leave you with a picture of Heidi......hiding underneath her new piece of tissue paper...which truly is her favorite toy in the world!! She will dive, hide, chase, wrangle a piece of tissue paper until there is nothing left but little slivers!!

Disclaimer: Please do not confuse the dumbells as actual exercise implements.....they are lying on the floor simply as encouragement to pick them up and USE them but mainly for the purpose of stubbing one's toes on!!!


Maddy said...

Yeah! for socks, even if you've already lost one. Should stick to that two on a cable system!

It's certainly chilly here this morning [and lasst night] but I suspect we'll be back to a glorious 70 plus by mid day.

Bubblesknits said...

I'm holding the missing sock for ransom. ;-) Give me yarn or the sock gets it. lol

Our cats like the plastic bags from Wal-Mart.

wendy g said...

Oh yes, I will be so glad when the cooler weather arrives too!
Your Jaywalker looks great and I sure hope you have found the missing one.

Sara said...

I'm a rotting leaves, wet dirt fan, too!

Holly said...

Love the yarn for the Jay's. I am with you on Fall. Love the colors of fall leaves.

ginger said...

The new socks are beautiful! Are you keeping up with how many pairs you have knit?