Monday, September 15, 2008

A Monumental Birthday and Knitting

My Princess Cupcake turned 13......THIRTEEN years old!!!!!

I can't STAND IT!!!!! I wish she could stay this age was all about the Baby Doll, playing dress up and "cooking" with Aunt Darlene.

Now she can cook better than I can!!!!

Happy 13th Birthday Princess Cupcake!!!!

I finished the test knit socks for Grace.

This was my first toe up sock, my only problem was a nice bind off that was stretchy enough to get over my BIG foot!!

This was a nice knit and I am hoping Grace is going to submit to Knitty (hint, hint).

And is yet another garment I have knit!!

I'm not happy with the design element on the shoulder (O.K., the way I joined at the shoulder)....

I'm hoping the 3rd time will be the charm in knitting something that I will actually feel good enough about to wear somewhere other than in the house!! LOL!!

Regardless.......It is all a learning process and I am enjoying learning (Oh ...ALRIGHT......I don't ALWAYS enjoy the learning process....hence me re-naming this the Bugger Vest instead of the Boogie Vest.....but I'm happy once I DO learn)!! LOL!!!


ginger said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Princess Cupcake!! What a sweet girl. Love her!

sydney said...

Happy Birthday Princess Cupcake!

The vest looks nice, even if you don't like the shoulders.

tonni said...

Next thing you know, she'll be 16 and dating!
The knits look great!

Bibby said...

Happy Birthday Princess & many more!!!
Your sweater looks great.

grace said...

Happy Birthday Cupdake! I wouldn't have noticed the shoulders if you hadn't pointed them out.

elizabeth said...

Aw - happy birthday Cupcake!

It's *almost* cool enough to wear that vest! It looks great!

Bubblesknits said...

Happy Birthday Princess Cupcake! I can't believe she's already 13!