Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Squirrel Update And Other Stuff, Including Franklin Habit

After a long and faithful day of "Squirrel Patrol", Heidi finally took a rest around 5:00 yesterday afternoon......but when I got home from knitting last night was back on patrol. I explained to her that the little %$#$^&* wasn't a threat at night (unless Heidi knows something I don't).......but she kept a faithful watch nevertheless!!

I did a spot check this morning and as of 8:30, no little munch marks on the tin foil.....hey...I may be on to something here.......look for the Tin Foil Squirrel No More Infomercial, only $9.99!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! (Hey, if people will buy THIS they would probably buy my Squirrel deterrent!!! LOL!!!

I hope to finish the re-knit of the first test knit sock tonight and keeping my fingers crossed I can get the second one finished this weekend.

Two buds in my knitting group are knitting the other two versions.....Bibby and Suzanne and I was surprised that their versions are completely different patterns!!! Both VERY pretty patterns!!!!!

Ohhhh.......OHHHHH.......I found this in my "in box" this morning!!!!!!!!!

Dear Darlene,

This is your official notice that you are one of the participants in the final shoot for Franklin Habit's 1000 Knitters Project, on Saturday October 11, 2008. (Somebody pinch me)!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a WONDERMOUS,squirrel free weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Squirrel 2.....Homeowner 1

Heidi has faithfully been on "squirrel patrol" since early this morning.......not even a cat nap that I am aware of!! She has been intermittently walking between windows...looking out, sniffing the door jamb.

I really thought with the blinds open all the way the squirrel would maybe see it's reflection and be scared away......but oh NOOOO.................. not this stupid little (insert favorite foul word) squirrel!!!!!!!!

I heard Heidi chattering like CRAZY and KNEW the stupid little squirrel was back...what GIVES???? What in the HECK does this squirrel want in my house so bad that it would be willing to knaw through the door????? Is it the bag of almonds I just bought.....maybe it is the walnuts????? The pot roast I cooked yesterday morning???

I came up with the only weapon I had to use (second only because I couldn't find the duct tape which we all know can be used in ANY emergency) tell me what you think?

Ahhhhh......nothing shouts a classier welcome than a big ole wad of tin foil taped to the door with packing tape!!!

And to further add to the trashy look, you will notice all the shreds of torn tissue paper, the big canvas fish that Heidi loves to dive-bomb into, the flying saucer ping pong ball thingy and last but not last........the watch kitty......Heidi!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Squirrel Update

Soooo.......I headed out of town for the is now around 9:00 P.M. and I got home a few minutes ago. I was telling my husband the story of the squirrel incident from this morning (see post from this morning).......and thought I would take a look.....

Can you BELIEVE this????

I sure hope he got his fill of wood shavings....because if he shows up again I'm thinking Heidi may indeed get to find out what they taste like!!!!!!!!!!

Good for the squirrel that painting the front doors are on the agenda for this Fall........but now we have REPAIR plus painting!!!!!!!!!

*&^%#$# Squirrels...........this is WAR!!!!!!!!!

Whiskers On Wednesday, Test Sock Update!

Today's Whiskers On Wednesday will include two KINDS of whiskers!!

First up is Heidi!!

She is ADD I do believe......either that or she is VERY frustrated!!

The foyer is her playground...all her toys seem to end up here on this rug.....right in the front door!!! When I shot this picture there were ELEVEN toys, including a piece of tissue paper...which is one of her favorite "toys".....she LOVES to run and dive underneath......because you know when she is under the tissue paper NO ONE can see her!!! LOL!!! She also loves to sit and watch the squirrels on the front porch.......which brings me to my NEXT kind of whiskers!!

Squirrel.....the constant source of entertainment for Heidi and arch enemy of Max!!!

So....I'm enjoying my coffee this morning and I hear the oh so faintest of constast knocking sort of sound...I assumed Heidi got inadvertently locked in a closet somewhere and went to investigate....but as I rounded the corner I realized the sound was coming from the front door!! Just ever so lightly, faintly, CONSTANT.....knock, knock, knock!!

I have a blind that I typically keep closed to keep the dog and cat from clawing at the wooden insert grill (when the squirrels are on the porch)......and as I got even closer I realized the sound was coming from the vibrations of the wooden grill......I slowly raised the blind and THERE was a squirrel.......immediately THESE lyrics are going through my Dave Edmunds...... (yes I'm showing my age here)!! LOL!!!

You went away and left long time ago
Now your knocking on my door
I hear you knocking
But you can't come in
I hear you knocking
Go back where you been

OBVIOUSLY we aren't dealing with a real bright squirrel here, because when I opened the blind, he stopped his digging at the door, stood up and looked at me.....then carried on with his "digging" didn't bother him when I ran upstairs for the camera and took him quite awhile before he even saw Heidi....finally he decided he couldn't dig his way in and he left.

Now for a Test Sock Update......

First Test Knit Sock....Take TWO!!

I am ready to turn start the short row heel on the remake of this sock!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Test Knit Sock Update!

The first test knit sock is now completed.......and frogged........

Hmmmm..........wonder how I could have missed this error????

Oh...maybe it was because when I was trying on the sock it was to measure where to begin the short row heel, so I was looking at the bottom of the sock and paying ABSOLUTELY no attention to the TOP of the sock!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Oh well.......this is a quick knit, and hopefully I will remember to stop and check my work along the way!! LOL!!

Stats: Grace propositioned her blog readers to be test knitters for a sock pattern she created!!
Toe Up, Lace Pattern knit from Chart, short row heel.

I have never done toe up, the closest I have come to lace knitting a sock is the no purl Monkey sock, never knit from a chart (to completion) and never knit a short row I figured in for a penny, in for a pound so to speak and quickly replied that I would like to test knit this sock.

Observations So Far:

LOVE casting on only a few stitches to begin a sock....I have an unusual aversion to Kitchner stitch......I just can't STAND to Kitchner...when I am finished knitting...I want to be FINISHED....not have to do any "finishing" work!!

I didn't care for the short row heel, although I will definitely be knitting it two more times (LOL)....and by that time I may feel differently. I am a tight knitter and it was almost impossible for me to see the wrapped stitches....and if you are a short row heel knitter, you know that if you don't pick up those wraps on the way back you will end up with holes! Also, I have a foot shape that is more suited to a duck as opposed to a human foot and I found that the short row heel just did not fit my heel properly.

I think the heel issues aren't really issues other than the fact that I need to REALLY loosen up so I can discern the stitches better, I think the short row heel could be tweeked to fit my particular heel.

As for chart knitting.......In the past, I would look at a chart, feel overwhelmed and write it out......not so with this pattern. Grace took into account that when you break down the chart into colors it is just so very easy to follow.....what a GREAT idea!!!

I can't begin to fathom writing a pattern.....much less a lace pattern such as this one.....just proves......there are many VERY TALENTED knitters!!!!!!!!!!! (Of which I am not and therefore I am in deep awe of you talented mistresses of sticks and string)!!

Great Job Grace!!!! (I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy).

I think every knitter dreams of having their "own" pattern......and I think Grace has a winner here!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to get the sock cast back on tonight and hopefully be finished in a couple of days!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Puppy's and Sock Knitting

We are puppy sitting again this weekend for friends of ours.....this is the closest to being still that I could catch LuLu.......PERPETUAL motion!!

She is just the most precious little puppy!!! When it is bedtime, in her crate she goes and doesn't utter a whimper or a whine till time to get up!!

Amazingly enough.....with LuLu in the house, Heidi hasn't bothered Bella single time!!!!

I am almost finished with the first test knit sock and will hopefully get it finished and posted tomorrow.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Test Knitting!!

First Toe Up Sock.....Test Knitting is going VERY well!!!!

I forgot and did my increases the first and last stitch of each row, and didn't notice till I had knit the first round and decided to go with it.

(Sitting wonky on my foot....but my battery warning was flashing on my camera.....I'll post another update when further along).

This is going quick and I am LOVING knitting this sock!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday / Kitty Olympics

Apparently Heidi wasn't paying close enough attention to the Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics!!

Uhhmmmm.....take the ribbon, twirl round and round.....hmmm....will there be a deduction for this????

Monday, August 18, 2008

Socks On Monday, Dish Rag Tag & Max

One Ampersand sock to go!!

I was off to a good start on Friday, but ended up frogging this sock Saturday and casting back on using a size 3 needle.

I have a WIDE foot. To date, I haven't had a 64 stitch sock that did not fit....THIS sock uses a 54 stitch pattern and was just too off to the frog pond we went!!

This is such an easy sock to knit...after a couple of rounds you don't even have to look at the pattern, which I like!! I hope to have the second sock completed this week......depending on whether or not I talk myself into completing the mate to any of the other 5 socks that I have either on the needles or completed!! LOL!!

Dish Rag Tag: Let the games begin!!!! Emily mailed all the packages on Friday!!! YIPPEE!!!!

I haven't posted a picture of my little buddy Max in quite some time so I thought I would share this shot, made Saturday, snoozing with his favorite new toy!!

Max is quite the stately old Gentleman....prefering to snuggle on his soft bed, water bowl close as opposed to running around, playing non-stop. Highlight of his day is the trip to the mailbox....which takes longer these days as he tires easily, but thankfully he can still make the journey!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Booger Vest and New Socks

No, it isn't a typo......this is a post about the BOOGER Vest (not to be confused with the Boogie Vest).....

SOOOO......a funny thing happened while knitting the Boogie Vest.

FIRST: I knit the back of the vest to the size that I thought would best fit me.....why oh WHY can't pattern writers include "negative ease" or give some hint as to how the vest actually fits! The vest shown on the model looks a bit fitted.....almost tight. I am only 5'2", so I decided to cut down the vest by 7" in length to fit me. At this point I'm thinking I'm pretty smart......lesson learned from previous, freakishly long vest!!! Ahhhhhh..........this vest is going to actually FIT!!!!!!

Happily knitting away, bound off, held up for a little preview and it is HUGE!!!!!!!!

SECOND: DARN OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!! I'm knitting away on the front now, totally engrossed in the Olympics.....during a commercial did a "look see" in the mirror and realized I hadn't stopped at the 12" mark before decreasing for the armholes......I was at NINETEEN inches!!!!!!!!!!! I spent the next portion of the Olympics tinking back to 12"......

THIRD: DARN OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!! O.K. Back on track.....ready to do the neck the pattern, re-read to be sure I had it.....then followed the directions that were swimming around in my head.......NEVER paying attention to my knitting.....(Hey, Phelps was going for yet another gold medal).....and didn't realize until I had COMPLETED THE NECK that the split was supposed to have been in the MIDDLE Of the cable.....and the cable is a bit wonky on the front.

Ohhhhh........I am too stupid to knit!!! LOL!!!

SO........I have renamed this EASY vest the Booger Vest.....because it has been a BOOGER to knit!! LOL!!!

I am going on the record to say that had it not been for the Olympics I am SURE....O.K. pretty sure......I wouldn't have made these mistakes...well, maybe except for the neck split thing......which wasn't written very clearly to me.....

I may get it blocked and assembled this weekend, but with the Olympics still on I may wait until next month!! LOL!!

I have several socks on the needles......five if I counted correct, here is the latest.

Ampersand socks

STR yarn

Love In Idleness is the color

I think this is going to be my new "Gold Medal" sock pattern.....sorry No Purl Monkey and Jay Walkers!!

SUCH an easy knit!!!
NOTE TO SELF: Do not knit anything that requires attention during the Olympics!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Today's Whiskers On Wednesday Post should probably Read Animosity on Wednesday!!

But FIRST.......a BIG thank you from Bella and Heidi for being chosen last weeks Whiskers On Wednesdays Spotlight Kitties!! WOW.......what an HONOR!!!!!

I would like to thank the Acadamy for this award........(of course I SOOOOO much more deserve it than Bella, I have WAYYYY more muscle, I mean..... personality than she does)!!!

Uhmmm.....thanks, thanks for the that a door I see about to open??? Excuse me while I make a mad dash to freedom!! The paparazzi is making me nervous........not to mention Heidi!!

Showdown time!!! Beyond that door lies the food bowls.......they are clearly at a standoff as to who will go through first!!

Everything seemed to "sniff out" o.k. but Heidi the Bully ultimately ran Bella off.

Heidi the Intimidator!!! think she looks cute and playful????

Au.....contraire.....this is only PART of the picture!!!

Heidi doesn't look so cute and innocent now does she?? LOL!!

Heidi loves to trap Bella in this stairwell!!!

Poor Bella!!!!! The Intimidator wins another round!!!! Sometimes I swear I can hear Heidi snicker!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Is It Monday Already???

It seems like the weekends FLY by!!!! Too many things on the "To Do" list, not enough time.....too many distractions!!

Distraction # 1.

I made a very quick trip to Serendipity Needleworks on Saturday....(and I DO mean quick!!), with Suzanne and Jessi......and oh MY.....these ladies kept me in STITCHES the whole time!!!

Serendipity is moving to a new location and Saturday was their last day in the old location. There was a GREAT sale going on, with most yarns 60% off...and some even more!! I was good, going with a list of projects to buy yarn for as well as some dye lot numbers to match up with yarn I purchased in the past.

I didn't buy yarn for any of the three vest projects I am going to knit.....but I did luck out and find some yarn 60% off that matched the dye lot numbers with yarn that I purchased several months ago (for 50% off)!!! YIPPEEE......I love a good deal!!!

Berrocco Keltic

Which I am planning to use to knit the Celtic Vest pattern, a simple sideways knit vest, closed with a shawl pin.

The colors are sort of blue/green with brown.

Also on sale was Noro yarn.....and they had a TON of it......I was good even though I wanted to buy one of every color!! I only bought yarn to make the Brooklyn Tweed Scarf for my Nephew, who will be moving to Virginia the end of this month.

I also bought enough to make a scarf to replace one that I knit for myself last year and had traded with a girl.....we met at a play, complimented each other on our scarves and ended up trading before the play even started!! LOL!!!

Distraction # 2:

On Sunday we babysat this teeny, tiny little bundle of never ending engery!!!

Meet LuLu, 12 week Miniature Schnauzer.....which unfortunately belongs to my neighbor and not me!!

Is she not the tiniest little thing???

It was fun having such a tiny little puppy in the tend to forget all the little "puppy" things when you have an older that stinky puppy breath, how they hop straight up like a baby deer when they are playing, RAZOR sharp little teeth that gnaw on anything...especially they will play 90 to nothing and then just drop in their tracks when they are tired!! LOL!!!

AWWWWWW....................I want one too!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked a bit on the Boogie Vest......hopefully will finish it tonight and be ready to move on to the next project on my list!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Poor Heidi, she always seems so surprised when I "find" her under the ottoman!!! LOL!!!!

Heidi (on the right) a rather "big girl".....she isn't fat...she is jut big.
Bella on the other hand, is very, very delicate, very tiny.
This is the ONLY time they have ever been this close together and it was only for a brief period of time.
Heidi is such a bully.....she just won't give in to the fact that Bella doesn't want to play with her.....probably because Heidi is so much bigger.....she is intimidating to Bella.
Oh well......maybe one of these days they will be buddies.....but I'm not counting on it! LOL!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Dish Rag Tag 2008 and Knitting Psycho

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!! If you aren't already signed up go visit Emily to read all about it and SIGN UP!!

Knitting Psycho: O.K. here's the deal.....when you are in public and see someone knitting...what is the FIRST thought that crosses your mind? Do you think Ahhhh.......knit sister or do you think....DANGER, get away FAST??!!! Do you walk up and introduce yourself? What do you do when you run across a fellow knitter???

I have N.E.V.E.R. EVER felt threatened.....have you???? I sort of think if you knit you are "one of us"...even if I don't know are a KNITTER for crying out loud and we are all sisters of the Fiberhood!!!!

The Scene:
Sunday I was sitting in the cell phone parking lot at the airport, waiting to pick up my sister, knitting away on a sock when a car pulls up next to me. I continued to knit, occasionally glancing up to check the arrival board. Something caught my eye......a movement with a little flash of silver....I look over and THERE......sitting RIGHT NEXT to me in the Cell Phone Parking a unknown sister of the Knitsterhood.......knitting what appears to be the beginnings of possibly a vest or sweater on knitpicks needles!! Immediately I felt the need to make my knitting presence I waived....she looks over....I raise my sock knitting and smiled. She looked at me like I had lost my mind.....sort of weakly smiling at me...then quickly put her car in drive and LEFT!!!!!!!!!

Now.....I would LIKE to think that her party had arrived....but I didn't see her answer her cell phone......just looked at me and hit the high road!!!

I sat in utter shock for a minute, then I got so tickled I couldn't help but laugh!!! I know I didn't have much make-up on....and I do look rather pale and scary without any....but come ON.....I was Knitting for goodness sake!!!!!

Hmmm......maybe she was intimidated by my sock knitting!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!