Monday, August 25, 2008

Test Knit Sock Update!

The first test knit sock is now completed.......and frogged........

Hmmmm..........wonder how I could have missed this error????

Oh...maybe it was because when I was trying on the sock it was to measure where to begin the short row heel, so I was looking at the bottom of the sock and paying ABSOLUTELY no attention to the TOP of the sock!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Oh well.......this is a quick knit, and hopefully I will remember to stop and check my work along the way!! LOL!!

Stats: Grace propositioned her blog readers to be test knitters for a sock pattern she created!!
Toe Up, Lace Pattern knit from Chart, short row heel.

I have never done toe up, the closest I have come to lace knitting a sock is the no purl Monkey sock, never knit from a chart (to completion) and never knit a short row I figured in for a penny, in for a pound so to speak and quickly replied that I would like to test knit this sock.

Observations So Far:

LOVE casting on only a few stitches to begin a sock....I have an unusual aversion to Kitchner stitch......I just can't STAND to Kitchner...when I am finished knitting...I want to be FINISHED....not have to do any "finishing" work!!

I didn't care for the short row heel, although I will definitely be knitting it two more times (LOL)....and by that time I may feel differently. I am a tight knitter and it was almost impossible for me to see the wrapped stitches....and if you are a short row heel knitter, you know that if you don't pick up those wraps on the way back you will end up with holes! Also, I have a foot shape that is more suited to a duck as opposed to a human foot and I found that the short row heel just did not fit my heel properly.

I think the heel issues aren't really issues other than the fact that I need to REALLY loosen up so I can discern the stitches better, I think the short row heel could be tweeked to fit my particular heel.

As for chart knitting.......In the past, I would look at a chart, feel overwhelmed and write it out......not so with this pattern. Grace took into account that when you break down the chart into colors it is just so very easy to follow.....what a GREAT idea!!!

I can't begin to fathom writing a pattern.....much less a lace pattern such as this one.....just proves......there are many VERY TALENTED knitters!!!!!!!!!!! (Of which I am not and therefore I am in deep awe of you talented mistresses of sticks and string)!!

Great Job Grace!!!! (I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy).

I think every knitter dreams of having their "own" pattern......and I think Grace has a winner here!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to get the sock cast back on tonight and hopefully be finished in a couple of days!!


grace said...

Honestly,I don't think I would've noticed the mistake if you hadn't pointed it out.

Also, with a little bit of math, you could actually create a slightly more narrow heel. And the offer still stands to go over the short row heel with you in person. Just let me know!

Bubblesknits said...

Ribbit! I'm starting to feel like a frog with all this rain we're getting. LOL

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have been entered in the contest.
Good luck.
By the way I really enjoyed your blog.
Your socks are great.

Suzanne B said...

You are cracking me up!! I haven't gotten to the short row heel yet (there was no knitting last night), so we shall see how I do with it.

sydney said...

I wouldn't have noticed the mistake if you hadn't pointed to it. :) It looks like a fun knit though!