Friday, August 15, 2008

Booger Vest and New Socks

No, it isn't a typo......this is a post about the BOOGER Vest (not to be confused with the Boogie Vest).....

SOOOO......a funny thing happened while knitting the Boogie Vest.

FIRST: I knit the back of the vest to the size that I thought would best fit me.....why oh WHY can't pattern writers include "negative ease" or give some hint as to how the vest actually fits! The vest shown on the model looks a bit fitted.....almost tight. I am only 5'2", so I decided to cut down the vest by 7" in length to fit me. At this point I'm thinking I'm pretty smart......lesson learned from previous, freakishly long vest!!! Ahhhhhh..........this vest is going to actually FIT!!!!!!

Happily knitting away, bound off, held up for a little preview and it is HUGE!!!!!!!!

SECOND: DARN OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!! I'm knitting away on the front now, totally engrossed in the Olympics.....during a commercial did a "look see" in the mirror and realized I hadn't stopped at the 12" mark before decreasing for the armholes......I was at NINETEEN inches!!!!!!!!!!! I spent the next portion of the Olympics tinking back to 12"......

THIRD: DARN OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!! O.K. Back on track.....ready to do the neck the pattern, re-read to be sure I had it.....then followed the directions that were swimming around in my head.......NEVER paying attention to my knitting.....(Hey, Phelps was going for yet another gold medal).....and didn't realize until I had COMPLETED THE NECK that the split was supposed to have been in the MIDDLE Of the cable.....and the cable is a bit wonky on the front.

Ohhhhh........I am too stupid to knit!!! LOL!!!

SO........I have renamed this EASY vest the Booger Vest.....because it has been a BOOGER to knit!! LOL!!!

I am going on the record to say that had it not been for the Olympics I am SURE....O.K. pretty sure......I wouldn't have made these mistakes...well, maybe except for the neck split thing......which wasn't written very clearly to me.....

I may get it blocked and assembled this weekend, but with the Olympics still on I may wait until next month!! LOL!!

I have several socks on the needles......five if I counted correct, here is the latest.

Ampersand socks

STR yarn

Love In Idleness is the color

I think this is going to be my new "Gold Medal" sock pattern.....sorry No Purl Monkey and Jay Walkers!!

SUCH an easy knit!!!
NOTE TO SELF: Do not knit anything that requires attention during the Olympics!!!!


elizabeth said...

Booger Olympics!!! Yes, it's hard to knit something that requires attention when you're otherwise distracted, otoh, it's good to know that you knit so quickly, you can knit 7" past your decreases before you realize it! :o)

ginger said...

I think it's going to turn out great - and I'm impressed that you can do it while watching the Olympics!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am not the only one to um misinterpret directions. Looks good. The sock is neat too