Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Today's Whiskers On Wednesday Post should probably Read Animosity on Wednesday!!

But FIRST.......a BIG thank you from Bella and Heidi for being chosen last weeks Whiskers On Wednesdays Spotlight Kitties!! WOW.......what an HONOR!!!!!

I would like to thank the Acadamy for this award........(of course I SOOOOO much more deserve it than Bella, I have WAYYYY more muscle, I mean..... personality than she does)!!!

Uhmmm.....thanks, thanks for the that a door I see about to open??? Excuse me while I make a mad dash to freedom!! The paparazzi is making me nervous........not to mention Heidi!!

Showdown time!!! Beyond that door lies the food bowls.......they are clearly at a standoff as to who will go through first!!

Everything seemed to "sniff out" o.k. but Heidi the Bully ultimately ran Bella off.

Heidi the Intimidator!!! think she looks cute and playful????

Au.....contraire.....this is only PART of the picture!!!

Heidi doesn't look so cute and innocent now does she?? LOL!!

Heidi loves to trap Bella in this stairwell!!!

Poor Bella!!!!! The Intimidator wins another round!!!! Sometimes I swear I can hear Heidi snicker!!


StarSpry said...

Poor Bella. They are both very pretty cats, though :)

Anita said...

great photos! Poor little Bella... they are both beautiful cats. Such different personalities! :)

Bubblesknits said...

Yup, I need to bring Puss over there to give Heidi a dose of her own medicine. ;-) heehee

Anonymous said...

Love the commentary!! Sometimes you can almost guess what the cats are thinking!!! :D

Monica said...

Aw poor Bella! Gorgeous cats though!

Suzanne B said...

Too funny!!

sydney said...

Poor Bella. Great photos!

monica said...

How cute and congrats to the lovely kitties. I love Bella's markings.