Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday, Test Sock Update!

Today's Whiskers On Wednesday will include two KINDS of whiskers!!

First up is Heidi!!

She is ADD I do believe......either that or she is VERY frustrated!!

The foyer is her playground...all her toys seem to end up here on this rug.....right in the front door!!! When I shot this picture there were ELEVEN toys, including a piece of tissue paper...which is one of her favorite "toys".....she LOVES to run and dive underneath......because you know when she is under the tissue paper NO ONE can see her!!! LOL!!! She also loves to sit and watch the squirrels on the front porch.......which brings me to my NEXT kind of whiskers!!

Squirrel.....the constant source of entertainment for Heidi and arch enemy of Max!!!

So....I'm enjoying my coffee this morning and I hear the oh so faintest of constast knocking sort of sound...I assumed Heidi got inadvertently locked in a closet somewhere and went to investigate....but as I rounded the corner I realized the sound was coming from the front door!! Just ever so lightly, faintly, CONSTANT.....knock, knock, knock!!

I have a blind that I typically keep closed to keep the dog and cat from clawing at the wooden insert grill (when the squirrels are on the porch)......and as I got even closer I realized the sound was coming from the vibrations of the wooden grill......I slowly raised the blind and THERE was a squirrel.......immediately THESE lyrics are going through my Dave Edmunds...... (yes I'm showing my age here)!! LOL!!!

You went away and left long time ago
Now your knocking on my door
I hear you knocking
But you can't come in
I hear you knocking
Go back where you been

OBVIOUSLY we aren't dealing with a real bright squirrel here, because when I opened the blind, he stopped his digging at the door, stood up and looked at me.....then carried on with his "digging" didn't bother him when I ran upstairs for the camera and took him quite awhile before he even saw Heidi....finally he decided he couldn't dig his way in and he left.

Now for a Test Sock Update......

First Test Knit Sock....Take TWO!!

I am ready to turn start the short row heel on the remake of this sock!!!


StarSpry said...

I remember that song :) How funny that the squirrel still tried to dig his way in. Love the pictures. Good luck with your sock!

Anonymous said...

Heidi has a lot in common with Gandalf! And we have Evil Squirrels in our yard that constantly torment and tease us!

Anita said...

Of course you can't see her under the tissue paper, it's camo for cats! LOL

Very daring (or stupid) squirrel! :)

elizabeth said...

Oh no! He's after your wool!

wendy g said...

What a funny story! The second round of the sock is looking good.

Anonymous said...

That's a great story! At least it wasn't a snake! (check out my post!) Thanks for sharing! :D

Suzanne B said...

Test Sock Take 2 is looking great!

I love the story about the squirrel. Too funny.

monica said...

Heidi is adorable.
The socks are looking very nice.

Bubblesknits said...

Tastes like chicken? lol