Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heidi finally left the bathtub .....took a trip around the house......and promptly decided it wasn't for her when she caught site of Bella.

It was back to the bathtub...but Bella figuring Heidi was shy just jumped right up to formally introduce herself!

Apparently Bella didn't say the right thing!!

EXCUSE me......but I was here first!!!! Why should YOU get the new toy?????

There was an under the bed conference.......to sort out "property rights". I think everything is going to ultimately work out......but until then.

But then again.....this may be the kitty equivalent of shooting a bird!! LOL!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Brain?

Apparently the excitement of the new wheel has caused me to COMPLETELY lose my mind!!!!

I seem to have left this morning to run to the post office, grocery shop, etc.

Look What I Came Home With!!

Heidi kitty, the same Heidi who practically tripped me trying to rub against me.....who purred so loud I couldn't think straight.....Heidi who will now not get out of the bathtub!!

The Vet suggested I leave her "sequestered" for the evening, slowly letting her meet everyone.

This is pretty much all I have seen of her, other then when I held Max and took him to the door......which I did get this..........

Sort of a.....Now WHAT in the world are YOU look????

This picture was taken a split second before she realized Max was NOT a cat and proceeded to raise EVERY hair on her body, bow her back and utter the deepest, most gutteral howl you have ever heard.!!
PERFECT if I were filming a horror movie!!!

It may be a VERY long weekend!!!!!

Honey.......I'm Home!!!!

Woo Hoo.......Mr. UPS man delivered yesterday afternoon!!! (I love my UPS Man......especially now that it is shorts weather)...Ahem.....

Last night was my regular knit night with the Chicks With Sticks so nothing more was done than unpacking, assembling the stool and lazy kate.

Plans for tonight: Mexican and Margaritas, assemble wheel.....guess I better make that Margarita as in singular!! LOL!!!

The wheel was packed inside very well and every available space packed with Polish Newspapers.

I bet my husband I could find at least one article that I could recognize something.

George Michael......hmmm......now my curiosity is up.....was he in concert in Poland or is he in trouble with the Police again??? (Doesn't Polsce look like it COULD be Police)????
Poor George...........

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

May Day Socks, More Socks And Spinning Yarn!!

COMPLETED!!! May Day Socks!!

While I am not the type that everything must be perfect and match.....I am a tad dissapointed that the colors pooled so bad on one sock!!

These socks were knit with the Checkered Textures Pattern from the Knit Socks Book.

Knit with Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn, Jewels.

I have lot's of goodies to send along and will get my pkg. in the mail May 1st!!

Also completed, One sock down, second sock is on the needles, about to turn the heel. Blue Moon yarn, I'll dig up the ball band and post the color once I have the mate completed.

Despite taking a plethora of pictures this was the best I could get..... see Mr. Squirrel???

Bella LOVES to watch the birds and squirrels!! Our back yard is woods filled with ZILLIONS of squirrels!!

This little fella stayed for the LONGEST time, right outside the porch, happily digging away, occasionally stopping to sit up and stare at Bella.

Bella was PURFECTLY still....not a single whisker wiggle or tail flip, NOTHING!! Completely mesmerized!

I first thought the squirrel was licking it's chops due to some tasty morsel it was digging so furiously for.....but I think it was actually sticking it's tongue out at Bella, ala....."nana nana boo boo, you can't GET me!!!" LOL!!!

Stop The Presses: Actual Spinning ...by ME!! (I know, hard to believe isn't it)?

AND......I decided since I have a new wheel on order I should get busy spinning (I haven't spun anything since JANUARY)!!!!!

Bibby and Jessi came by Monday morning to spin and if you look at Jessi's blog you might recognize this roving!! I am H.O.P.I.N.G. roving is going to be a regular addition to Alabama Fiber Dreams (hint, hint, wink, wink).

This is superwash BFL and it was a JOY to get back into spinning after such a dry spell with fiber that is this nice!!!

My camera does NOT do this color justice AT ALL!!! The color is much more saturated!!

I am hopefully going to get another bobbin spun tonight and plyed this weekend!!!

Jessi........your roving ROCKS!!!!!!!

Hey, how about calling it Jessi's Rocking Roving??!! LOL!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oops.......I Did It AGAIN!!!

Ordered Friday, hope to have in my hot little hands one day next week!!!

Kromski Minstrel, spinning stool, arched lazy kate and extra bobbins.

Purchased from THE greatest guy!!! Bob Winderwood of Winderwood Farms: 1-877-287-2501. (I bought my Ashford Kiwi from Mr. Winderwood a little over a year ago, recently sold to a sheep farmer in Mississippi).

Mr. Winderwood will give you THE best deal, THE most free merchandise.....not to mention THE nicest man to chat with!!

If you are thinking of buying a wheel PLEASE give Mr. Winderwood a call. His knowledge of spinning is incredible and he is very happy to share his knowledge with you!! Be sure and let him know that I sent you!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Letter H And Spring Has Sprung!!

2008 ABC Along: The Letter H

H is for Hawk!

The pic is a bit fuzzy due to the fact that I was using a 12X regular zoom plus a digital zoom (not sure of the power....too lazy to pull out the book ).....and no tripod!!

We have a TON of hawks in our woods!! Which thankfully means we don't have mice or snakes around!

BUT......apparently they have quite a varied taste.....this is terrible.....a lady that lives across the "holler" was out with her new little malti-pooh and a hawk swooped down!!!! I'll leave the story at that.

And Spring has seemingly arrived overnight!!

This is the view from the back of my house with one of the dogwood trees.

As soon as the pollen stops flying I'll get my "yellow" porch cleaned and ready for some nice, leisurely weekend mornings!!

I can't WAIT!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friends In High Places and May Day Sock Update

I R.E.A.L.L.Y. wanted to see the Yarn Harlot while she was in Atlanta this past weekend but I wasn't quick enough to get a ticket!!

My dear friends Bibby and Wendy however were able to get tickets and made the trip together!! I'm not sure which I was more envious of....their ride over there and back with all the great conversations that I am sure took place or actually seeing the Harlot in person!! LOL!!!

Both (being the wonderful enablers that they are)....offered to pick up something for me while at Knitch and I would have LOVED to have an autographed copy of the Harlot's new book but I didn't ask. I didn't know if there was a limit and didn't want to put my friends on the spot by asking.

WELL...........look what I Got!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) (Cindy got one too)!!!!!!

I was SOOOOO tickled!!!!!!!!!!

What a GREAT surprise it was to look at what I thought was Bibbys book only to open it and discover MY name!!!!

(Wendy gave Cindy her book at Knit Night)!

Thank you both SOOOOO much for thinking of us!!

One May Day Sock down,

Second sock hopefully will be finished by this weekend!!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Wee Tiny Sock Swap and The Letter G

Wee Tiny Sock (and company) arrived today from Gladys, in Canada!!

I can't begin to imagine knitting such an intricate pattern and in MINIATURE at that!!!

Also, aren't the felted flower earrings TOO cute??!!?? (Bad lighting, the earrings are actually a bright green).

I can't thank you enough for the earrings and Wee Tiny Sock....you have inspired me to step up my sock knitting skills!!!!

2008 ABC Along

G is for Gazing Ball!