Wednesday, April 23, 2008

May Day Socks, More Socks And Spinning Yarn!!

COMPLETED!!! May Day Socks!!

While I am not the type that everything must be perfect and match.....I am a tad dissapointed that the colors pooled so bad on one sock!!

These socks were knit with the Checkered Textures Pattern from the Knit Socks Book.

Knit with Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn, Jewels.

I have lot's of goodies to send along and will get my pkg. in the mail May 1st!!

Also completed, One sock down, second sock is on the needles, about to turn the heel. Blue Moon yarn, I'll dig up the ball band and post the color once I have the mate completed.

Despite taking a plethora of pictures this was the best I could get..... see Mr. Squirrel???

Bella LOVES to watch the birds and squirrels!! Our back yard is woods filled with ZILLIONS of squirrels!!

This little fella stayed for the LONGEST time, right outside the porch, happily digging away, occasionally stopping to sit up and stare at Bella.

Bella was PURFECTLY still....not a single whisker wiggle or tail flip, NOTHING!! Completely mesmerized!

I first thought the squirrel was licking it's chops due to some tasty morsel it was digging so furiously for.....but I think it was actually sticking it's tongue out at Bella, ala....."nana nana boo boo, you can't GET me!!!" LOL!!!

Stop The Presses: Actual Spinning ME!! (I know, hard to believe isn't it)?

AND......I decided since I have a new wheel on order I should get busy spinning (I haven't spun anything since JANUARY)!!!!!

Bibby and Jessi came by Monday morning to spin and if you look at Jessi's blog you might recognize this roving!! I am H.O.P.I.N.G. roving is going to be a regular addition to Alabama Fiber Dreams (hint, hint, wink, wink).

This is superwash BFL and it was a JOY to get back into spinning after such a dry spell with fiber that is this nice!!!

My camera does NOT do this color justice AT ALL!!! The color is much more saturated!!

I am hopefully going to get another bobbin spun tonight and plyed this weekend!!!

Jessi........your roving ROCKS!!!!!!!

Hey, how about calling it Jessi's Rocking Roving??!! LOL!!!


grace said...

Love the socks and I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I want some of Jessi's roving too!

wendy g said...

Beautiful socks! Can't wait to see your new wheel too.

elizabeth said...

You mean you hadn't spun since you were at my house in January?!?! No way! The yarn looks great - at first I thought it was Crown Mtn. Farms!

Karen said...

Well you didn't get rusty at all after your spinning break. The singles look great!

Your May Day socks came out great!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for all the praise! As soon as I figure out which dyeing method I like best for the roving, I promise I'll start cranking it out. Shall I just have it delivered straight to your door? LOL I'm really glad you like it, though.

The May Day socks turned out beautiful. I love that color!
And tell Bella she has claws. Shred that screen and get that pesky little bugger. ;-p

sprite said...

The socks are beautiful. Congratulations!!

Suzanne B said...

I like the handspun missy!!

That Jessi is a bad, bad tempter of all who are trying to be good. She is tempting me with the Juicy-Fruit. It must be mine!!!!

Anonymous said...

Purty socks, pretty yarn. Does Bella "talk" to the squirrels or birds? My cats did. Good thing I am immune to spinning stuff.

sydney said...

Beautiful socks and beautiful new yarn you've been spinning. I don't mind pooling but I do mind when the two socks pool differently.

tonni said...

Congrats on finishing your May Day socks! I'm on the toe decreases now and will finish this weekend!!!

LOVE the roving. Can't BELIEVE you haven't spun since January!!!! You must be staying wayyyyy toooo busy!

I wonder if Bella chased squirrels in her previous life :)

Anonymous said...

The socks look great! I can only hope that they arrive on my fron porch next week!