Thursday, July 31, 2008

Georgia Aquarium Daycation

At long last we were able to make good on a take Princess Cupcake to the Georgia Aquarium.

WHAT a trip!!!

Beautiful, flowing, flowery anemones and starfish!

One of my favorite things....the Sea Horses!!

Assorted Dr. Seuss types of fish!!

Neon Jellyfish.......

Some downright WEIRD looking fish......

Some REALLY big fish........

A VERY, VERY large tank!!!!

Beautiful, Beluga whales...three total!

Ethereal looking Anemones.....

And a whole bunch of sea worms......YES....

SEA WORMS.....complete with itty bitty eye balls and itty bitty mouths!!! LOL!!

WHO KNEW there was such a creature??? LOL!!

A GREAT day!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kitty Mayhem!!

I won't be able to post my regular Wednesday Whiskers post this I thought I would post a Whiskerless Tuesday post......otherwise known as Kitty particular HEIDI mayhem!!

I woke SEVERAL times last night to the sounds of toys being batted across the hardwoods.....LOUD caterwalling......the running and sliding across floors, up and down the staircase. (Heidi sounds like an ELEPHANT running)!!!

This MORNING I woke to THIS!!!!!!!!!

Please note Heidi's feather (her favorite toy) right underneath the edge of the curtain!!

I have caught Heidi SEVERAL times sitting and contemplating the jump to the curtains....looks like she finally got up the courage to try....or she could just be trying to tell me she doesn't like the curtains!! LOL!!


That would be potpouri pieces, shells and a star fish .....IN THE BATHTUB!!

And this scene!!

Also found around the house:

One plastic easter egg

One plastic Christmas Ornament

One Placemat

Various kitty toys and other household items!!!!

Hmmm....wonder if it was a full moon last night??????

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is A Single Sock Considered A FO???

Hmmmm........when knitting a pair of socks, and one sock is this considered a FO or still a WIP?????? Oh well......

After seeing Wendy's BEAUTIFUL Tidal Wave socks at Knit Night it hit me that I had this same sock pattern in my "socks to knit" file!! Inspired by her beautiful socks I went home and dug out my pattern. This is such an easy pattern to knit!!

Knit with Ruby Sapphire yarn.

I finished this sock Sunday and will start the mate as soon as I finish............................

THIS Jaywalker sock, knit in STR. lightweight, Tide Pool colorway!

I LUV knitting this pattern!!! I can see why so many, MANY people have knit this sock and continue to do so!!!!

AND.............another secret knitting project is on the needles...although it will take awhile to complete...I am attempting to come up with my own design!!!

I hope to cast on for a secret baby knit project in the next week or so ..... for a dear, dear friend that has THE most precious little man at home with her who will become a big brother this October!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Ahhhh......nothing like a nice nap after killing the blue feather toy!!

I think I'll leave one little feather just so everyone KNOWS I killed it and ....let THAT be a lesson to the evil ones that subjected me to the temptation of the Target bag last week!!!!

Feathers make me thirsty!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer of Socks Completed Socks!!


One pair of socks completed for Summer of Socks 2008!!!

Pattern: Furrows by Monica Jines

Yarn: Summer Romance by Sophie's Toes (LOVE Sophie's Toes)!!!

Beautiful pattern!!! Next time I knit this pattern I will continue to pattern down the top of the foot. I generally don't like an open type pattern across the top of my foot....but I think this one needs to be knit in pattern to the toe.

I have a couple of vests on the needles, although they will be very slow going as I find it boring knitting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

I'm thinking today's post should be called Psychological Kitty Trauma Wendesday!!

It started with Heidi (this is an old picture, I couldn't put her through the trauma of having her picture made today).

Insert one innocuous paper bag into the equation and you have the makings of a VERY traumatic Wednesday!!

Heidi, like most cats, loves a good paper bag....unfortunately, this time, there was technical difficulties with entering said bag.

Apparently, when she entered the bag, she entered THROUGH one of the handles, which as soon as she realized it immediately and completely FREAKED!!

This drama began upstairs in my office, she proceeded to roll/scratch her way into the hall, rolled down the stairs onto the landing, turned the corner, went ALL the way to the bottom of the stairs (which are at the front of the house)......managed to roll/crawl/scratch/ hiss and jump her way to the BACK of the house, roll into a rack and push everything off the bottom shelf, then jump onto the bar stool in the KITCHEN, fall off and ended up cornered in the laundry room, with the tattered bag still attached!!

Where was I during all this ruckus you ask???? I was right behind her, doing my best to catch her!!!! Socks on hardwood floors does not make for efficient kitty wrangling!!

Thankfully she wasn't injured, but traumatized doesn't begin to describe her!! Poor thing, eyes dilated, kitty fur was raining down all around me.....panting, ears back, you get the picture. After many, many soft spoken words I was finally able to rub her head a bit and she settled down....although she is most definitely shell shocked!!!

Who KNEW a paper bag could bring about such trauma??!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I found this article today.

World's oldest blogger signs off at age 108!!

CANBERRA, Australia - An Australian woman renowned as the world's oldest blogger has died at the age of 108, with her last posting talking about her ailing health but also how she still sings a happy song every day.

Olive Riley, of Woy Woy about 50 miles north of Sydney, began blogging in February last year, sharing stories from her life during the two world wars, raising three children on her own, and working as a station cook in the outback.

The physically frail but mentally alert Riley won an international audience with her blog, The Life of Riley (, and series of videos posted on YouTube with her talking and singing.

"She enjoyed the notoriety -- it kept her mind fresh," her great-grandson Darren Stone of Brisbane told local newspapers.

"She had people communicating with her from as far away as Russia and America on a continual basis, not just once in a while."

Riley had posted more than 70 entries on her blog -- or "her blob" as she jokingly called it -- since February last year. She set up the site with the help of a friend who entered her posts for her.

In her last and 74th post ( on June 26 she spoke of moving into a nursing home and of her ill health, saying: "I still feel weak and can't shake off that bad cough."

She spoke about singing "a happy song" with a visitor to the home as she did every day and said she had "read a whole swag of email messages and comments from my internet friends today, and I was so pleased to hear from you. Thank you, one and all."

She died in the nursing home on Saturday. Here is a link:

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

This is Bella's favorite place to hang out, unless it is nice and cool, or heaven forbid cold. On the porch, in the dead of matter the temperature, the hotter the better!!

She will paw at the door to go out first thing in the morning and if you try to bring her in she will run around the porch and REFUSE to be caught!!

I don't see how she stays out in such high temperatures!! She doesn't drink much throughout the day.....the water bowl goes untouched. She will come inside, late afternoon, head straight to the water bowl and drink....and Drink....AND DRINK!!! She is like a camel!!

Bella has never tried to get off the porch, she is quite satisfied with her little "sauna room". She is such a delicate, tiny little thing and seems like she would succumb to heat exhaustion, but she seems to do just fine!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer Of Socks 2008 Kickoff and Off The Needle Projects

FINALLY I have started socks for Summer of Socks 2008!! Better late than never I say!!

Despite owning several sets of needles for knitting socks, they were all tied up with socks on them...all in various stages of knitting...which of course didn't qualify for this KAL.

I had to finish THESE socks.......Jaywalker (or as my best bud calls them, Blue Jay socks)! LOL!!

These are knit with Opal sock yarn that I won a couple of years ago.

FINALLY.......I started my Summer of Socks.....using the Furrows Sock pattern by Monica Knits, purchased from the Loopy Ewe!!

Yarn: Summer Romance from Sophie's Toes.....the BEST sock yarn!!!

Last But Not Least........(drumroll please)........inhale deeply.....I bring YOU........

My first completed "garment"......not blocked, not even sure it will fit.....riddled with so many mistakes that it is COMPLETELY not wearable in public.....and not confident that it won't self destruct when I attempt to try it on.

I think I am just going to leave it in my closet....and let the joy marinate for a bit before I try it on.

I DO have a pattern I received Thursday from a SWEETIE who graciously shared a pattern that is going to be a PERFECT beginner vest pattern, a wrap style, one that I am confident will be wearable once completed!! LOL!!

The pattern for this vest was not written with a beginner in mind....although it was considered a "simple" vest pattern I struggled with several of the directions. (And a HUGE thank you to my two knitting goddess friends for your help)!!

Despite all the mistakes and PATHETIC finishing technique I am determined to make another one....which hopefully after I complete the wrap style vest (which is better suited as a first project)......I will cast on for this vest again.

I have ordered a couple of books from Amazon on finishing techniques. I have more to learn no doubt and I am VERY excited about this wrap style vest!! I think I have some Noro yarn that will work.....will work out the yarn tonight and hopefully get cast on!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Thursday Thoughts & Mystery Update!

Now....let me say right off....if you are in the "under 30 years of age, oh what a mear babe you are" just go on and find yourself another post to read...because you won't have a CLUE what I am about to rant about! LOL!!

BUT, IF you are of a "certain age".....somewhere between 39.5 and not quite ready for the AARP discount then I need your help!!

See......I am very, very confused about something...well, several things really, but I'll only inquire about one today.

I am confused by all the facial products for women of a "certain age".

According to the advertisements I read, the UNSOLICITATED Emails that I receive, I am one step away from needing major plastic surgery and DESPERATELY need their products!!!

And while the thought of getting older doesn't bother me......too much.......this year I HAVE noticed a few "laugh" lines, a bit of lackluster skin....(no "dewey", youthful glow for me anymore I'm afraid), a few "freckles" that weren't there a couple of years ago. Yep.....I'm "aging"!!!!

Having never paid much attention to my "beauty routine" this is all so new to me. With all the dire predictions I decided it was best to go to the local store to see for myself all that the industry has to offer.......and was totally blown away by all the products that are targeted for women of a "certain age". OH MY.....WHO KNEW I was in such horrid shape and needed so many products!!!! UGH!! (And who knew Oil of Olay has a ZILLION products on the market!)

In my research I discovered this interesting tidbit: All of the products direct me to apply to a bare, clean face, some before or after moisturinging...I get that part. What I DON'T get and YET to see addressed on a single, solitary pamphlet or label is IN WHAT ORDER do I apply the plethora of products?

There is: moisturizer, spot fading cream, eye cream, eye serum, lifting cream, firming cream, lifting AND toning cream, plain toning cream, re-hydrating cream, rejuvinating cream, fillers, primer, AND....Micro Sculpting Cream.....EEEK!!!!!!!!

How do these miracle workers know what they are supposed to do??? What happens if it lifts in the wrong place or tightens where it was supposed to have lifted??? If I apply the fading cream after I moisturize (as they both instruct you to apply to a clean, bare face).....will the fade cream work or just fade away the moisurizer I just applied!! I don't even want to THINK about MICRO- SCULPTING gone awry!!! (insert mental pic of Michael Jackson).

See what I mean????

Man....this aging thing is VERY confusing!!! What's a gal of a "certain" age to do???

Do you remember the smell of Noxema? If you are of a "certain age"....when YOU were coming of age that was THE product to use!! How well I remember the smell of Noxema and could not WAIT to be old enough to need Noxema (because of course that would signify that I was getting "older"......ahhh....those were the good old days!! LOL!!

Hmmmmmm......I think I'll just dip my finger in each potion, lotion and cream, smear it all together, slather it on and say the heck with it!! And when I have used up all these magic creams and potions I am betting I won't look a day older than I am supposed to!!!! LOL!!!

Wishing now I had spent my money on yarn instead .........I don't think yarn minds at all being knitted by a woman of a "certain" age!!!

Speaking of Knitting......

Mystery knitting update!!!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday And Off The Needles

Whiskers On Wednesday:

Bella....who REALLY enjoys her naps to the fullest extent!!

FINALLY.....Off the needles and blocking...

The Bellini Shawl, knit with 3 skeins of Knitpicks Gloss Fingering Weight Yarn, 70% Merino, 30% Silk. This is a gift knit....I doubt I will knit this pattern again, although mindless, I have discovered that I do NOT like the whole blocking process!! UGH!!


UPDATED Mystery Knitting!!! Coming right along......I would guestimate this project is 80-85% finished!!!

But I fear that "finishing" is sort of like "blocking".....I don't like it!!!! Sort of like gauge swatching!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!