Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

This is Bella's favorite place to hang out, unless it is nice and cool, or heaven forbid cold. On the porch, in the dead of matter the temperature, the hotter the better!!

She will paw at the door to go out first thing in the morning and if you try to bring her in she will run around the porch and REFUSE to be caught!!

I don't see how she stays out in such high temperatures!! She doesn't drink much throughout the day.....the water bowl goes untouched. She will come inside, late afternoon, head straight to the water bowl and drink....and Drink....AND DRINK!!! She is like a camel!!

Bella has never tried to get off the porch, she is quite satisfied with her little "sauna room". She is such a delicate, tiny little thing and seems like she would succumb to heat exhaustion, but she seems to do just fine!!


Sara said...

Awww! I wish I had an enclosed porch for my babies. I know they would love it.

Bella is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Bella lives up to her name, she is beautiful! She probably likes how the fabric and sunchines play off her calico furs.

ginger said...

What is it with cats??? They have all that fur and all they want to do is fur-bake. Tchotchke in the summertime finds the fattest sunbeam she can in the house and lays on it. In the winter, she lays right on top of the floor vent in the kitchen. Do you know (and this is a little yucky, I know) but I have to regularly wash cat fur off that one wall because the vent blows her belly-fur up? hehehehe!!

You are right, too, Bella does sound like a camel!

Sydney said...

If we had a screened porch, Katie would be out there in the heat too. It must be a cat thing. :)

wendy g said...

You never know what they are thinking! She just wants to make sure that she can guard her yard.