Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer of Socks Completed Socks!!


One pair of socks completed for Summer of Socks 2008!!!

Pattern: Furrows by Monica Jines

Yarn: Summer Romance by Sophie's Toes (LOVE Sophie's Toes)!!!

Beautiful pattern!!! Next time I knit this pattern I will continue to pattern down the top of the foot. I generally don't like an open type pattern across the top of my foot....but I think this one needs to be knit in pattern to the toe.

I have a couple of vests on the needles, although they will be very slow going as I find it boring knitting.


ginger said...

These are *gorgeous*!!

wendy g said...

Beautiful pair of socks. Great yarn and pattern.

Emily said...

What a great name for a yarn! Your socks are beautiful.

Sara said...

I love these socks! Great work!

sydney said...

Beautiful socks! The colors remind me of summer flowers.

Suzanne B said...

I love the socks!!!!