Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Submitted for your Whiskers on Wednesday Furry Perusal:

Heidi....loving her KnitPicks box!!

And Bella, supervising the cleaning of the porch, out of harms way of any dirty particles that might muss her highness's royal fur.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Of Socks and Other Knitting

Well, Summer Of Socks 2008, is off to a rather slow start for me.

I had a terrible headache all weekend long and didn't get a single stitch cast on! UGH!! I will most DEFINITELY get something on the needles today!!! I'm with Wendy in that I most definitely won't be winning the award for the most socks....but I am looking forward to participating and seeing all the beautiful socks everyone knits!!!

Other Knitting News: Back on May 11th I posted a "secret" knitting is an updated picture of said "secret" knitting......Hmmmmm.........Stay tuned as I am SURE it will be quite entertaining!! LOL!!

Isn't this GORGEOUS???

"Last Mango In Paris"

Dyed and Spun by Jessi and destined to be THIS:

Can't WAIT to get started!! I think this pattern will look GREAT with the colors!!

AND.....last but not least....I have cast on for yet another Belinni shawl....this time the pressure is on as this is requested knitting by my Mother-In-Law!!! (GULP)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Is it Whiskers on Wednesday already???? Goodness!!!

This is Bella, a rather sedate, very shy, delicate, keep to herself kinda gal.

When it is time for her "Yum-Yums" she will love on you and let you love on her, but only for the required abount of time that it takes to place her food before her....but not so much at other times. I had hoped for a lap kitty but Bella will have none of that.

I think she was not socialized as a kitten as her behavior after 2 years is still very reserved with us and she prefers to be left to herself.

Bella was a rescue kitty that we adopted about 2 years ago. She had a recently broken back leg, with a pronounced limp....we were afraid no one would adopt her for fear of large vet bills and decided to take her home that very day.

She will play by herself with her toys, she doesn't bother Max at a matter of fact, in passing they will often rub noses....but it is almost as if she doesn't know exactly what Max she isn't afraid of him at all....rather nonchalant in fact.

With Heidi.....well......that is another story!! LOL!!

Heidi wants to have a playmate....she has tried and tried to engage Bella in playtime....but Bella, she is a delicate, dainty little thing....I believe she looks at Heidi as a "heathen" as she will gallop around the house, will go ANYWHERE.....drinks from the faucet for heavens sake, AND (shudder).....sticks her ENTIRE face in the food bowl, scattering food like a little pig, noisily chomping away....while Bella will daintly sit by her bowl, tail wrapped around her legs, all prim and proper and after a moment or two, ever so delicately and daintily take her paw and remove 2-3 pieces of food onto the mat for her dining enjoyment.

Two TOTALLY different kitties!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Whiskers On Wednesdays Post!!

This is one of Heidi's favorite spots to reside. She also loves to drink from the faucet and has NO problem getting her fur wet!!
It's a perfect fit...don't you think?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Isn't this a CUTE idea???? (And who can resist such a sweet little button)!

Whiskers on Wednesday!!!!

Ahhhhh, just a darn cute idea.....Whiskers On Wednesday, check it out and sign up today!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

All The Way From Scotland!!

Woo Hoo!!! Look what came in the mail today......all the way from Scotland!!!!

I ordered the Brambler scarf pattern from Knitspot last month and just HAD to use the yarn used for the pattern Old Maiden Aunt in the Bramble color way!!

I had to get up early (time difference) in order to place my order when the batch went on-line for sale...but I GOT IT!!! YIPPEE!!

I wasn't able to get as crisp a picture as I would like...the macro mode on my camera resulted in a subtle washed out color, so I used my long range zoom to get this.....too lazy to pull out my it is a bit can see all the many, many, VERY subtle variations in the color!!

I can't WAIT to get this scarf started!!!

The yarn content is 55% silk and 45%Cashmere....

Oh such decadence I have NEVER knit with....much less for ME!!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Busted for Jaywalking....Lizards On The Prowl!

Paula suggested to get over the "Lace Fiasco" that I should knit socks.......Oh Great Sock Knitter Inspiration of were RIGHT!!!

Socks....AHHH........I feel all better now!! I dont' need no stinking LACE!! LOL!!

First Jaywalker.....knit with Opal yarn I received from Lisa in March of 2007!! I LOVE the colors!! At the time I received the yarn I knew I wanted to knit something other than a plain sock......WELL worth the wait!!

Of course I couldn't wait to see if another yarn would look just as good when knit using the Jaywalker pattern so I cast on for a second one at Knit Night last week!!

Oh....I do love knitting Jaywalkers!! I can see why everyone was so crazy about them when the pattern came out initially!!

I am still working on Christy's purple roving.....but had to free up a bobbin by finishing off this roving that Jessi dyed.
BFL....SUCH a joy to spin!!!
I am going to use this to knit a Fair Isle tam.....or as I like to call Damn Tam (hee, hee, that's for you Suzanne). The first tam was going GREAT......until I realized that I had dropped a stitch....WAY too far back to pick up....SECOND attempt I had to rip out because I failed to change to a larger size needle at the appropriate place in the pattern!!
In retrospect, I think the Tam was just waiting for me to use a prettier yarn....and THIS is it!!!!!!!!

I can now proceed with finishing the last bobbin of purple roving and plying!!

There seems to be an EXPLOSION of Lizard "flirting" going on recently!!! These things are on EVERY window seal!!

Heidi says the entire lizard situation is disgusting and she is going to take a nap now!!