Monday, June 02, 2008

Busted for Jaywalking....Lizards On The Prowl!

Paula suggested to get over the "Lace Fiasco" that I should knit socks.......Oh Great Sock Knitter Inspiration of were RIGHT!!!

Socks....AHHH........I feel all better now!! I dont' need no stinking LACE!! LOL!!

First Jaywalker.....knit with Opal yarn I received from Lisa in March of 2007!! I LOVE the colors!! At the time I received the yarn I knew I wanted to knit something other than a plain sock......WELL worth the wait!!

Of course I couldn't wait to see if another yarn would look just as good when knit using the Jaywalker pattern so I cast on for a second one at Knit Night last week!!

Oh....I do love knitting Jaywalkers!! I can see why everyone was so crazy about them when the pattern came out initially!!

I am still working on Christy's purple roving.....but had to free up a bobbin by finishing off this roving that Jessi dyed.
BFL....SUCH a joy to spin!!!
I am going to use this to knit a Fair Isle tam.....or as I like to call Damn Tam (hee, hee, that's for you Suzanne). The first tam was going GREAT......until I realized that I had dropped a stitch....WAY too far back to pick up....SECOND attempt I had to rip out because I failed to change to a larger size needle at the appropriate place in the pattern!!
In retrospect, I think the Tam was just waiting for me to use a prettier yarn....and THIS is it!!!!!!!!

I can now proceed with finishing the last bobbin of purple roving and plying!!

There seems to be an EXPLOSION of Lizard "flirting" going on recently!!! These things are on EVERY window seal!!

Heidi says the entire lizard situation is disgusting and she is going to take a nap now!!


Sara said...

Love the jaywalkers! Especially the purple/yellow pair! I'm with you: lace stinks!

sprite said...

Funky lizards.

Bubblesknits said...

I think it ate my comment. Crap.

ginger said...

Look at those lizards! We have the pretty green & purple ones here but none like yours. He sure is a show-off!!

elizabeth said...

Um, Darlene, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but...that second Jaywalker doesn't quite match the first! :o)

And the lizards? I'm pretty sure I saw two engaged in a violent act of lovemaking the other day (at first I was like, "wow! That lizard has six legs!". The female finally escaped and the male hid behind the gutter for awhile, too ashamed to come out, I'm sure.

Suzanne B said...

The jaywalkers look Fabulous and I think that yarn will be much better for the Damn Tam. LOL

The Yarn Nut said...

Man, those socks are great! You are a sock knittin fool girl!

Anonymous said...

Purty socks! Those lizards used to drive my cats nuts. I did 10 rows done on a lace scarf weveral months ago.

Karen said...

Great new socks! The lizards....ick! ;)

sydney said...

Nice socks! Katie loves it when the lizards get on the window sill.

The Yarn Nut said...

Well, I tried that bird sock. "RIP"
Don't like the magic loop. Thanks for trying.