Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whiskers On Wednesday

Is it Whiskers on Wednesday already???? Goodness!!!

This is Bella, a rather sedate, very shy, delicate, keep to herself kinda gal.

When it is time for her "Yum-Yums" she will love on you and let you love on her, but only for the required abount of time that it takes to place her food before her....but not so much at other times. I had hoped for a lap kitty but Bella will have none of that.

I think she was not socialized as a kitten as her behavior after 2 years is still very reserved with us and she prefers to be left to herself.

Bella was a rescue kitty that we adopted about 2 years ago. She had a recently broken back leg, with a pronounced limp....we were afraid no one would adopt her for fear of large vet bills and decided to take her home that very day.

She will play by herself with her toys, she doesn't bother Max at a matter of fact, in passing they will often rub noses....but it is almost as if she doesn't know exactly what Max she isn't afraid of him at all....rather nonchalant in fact.

With Heidi.....well......that is another story!! LOL!!

Heidi wants to have a playmate....she has tried and tried to engage Bella in playtime....but Bella, she is a delicate, dainty little thing....I believe she looks at Heidi as a "heathen" as she will gallop around the house, will go ANYWHERE.....drinks from the faucet for heavens sake, AND (shudder).....sticks her ENTIRE face in the food bowl, scattering food like a little pig, noisily chomping away....while Bella will daintly sit by her bowl, tail wrapped around her legs, all prim and proper and after a moment or two, ever so delicately and daintily take her paw and remove 2-3 pieces of food onto the mat for her dining enjoyment.

Two TOTALLY different kitties!!!


elizabeth said...

I wouldn't know what to do with a cat like Bella! Mack is so aggressive!

Bubblesknits said...

I need to bring the boy-child over for a visit with Bella. :-)
Your post makes me think of Bella the Southern Belle and Heidi the Redneck Heathen. LOL

Thanks for coming and visiting today!

Anonymous said...

they are both so pretty. I love Heidi's little pink nose.

meg said...

Funny, we have our own version of "Bella & Heidi"; Poppy is the delicate princess who must be carried to the food bowl or have her hairball treats hand-fed one by one, & only interested in socializing on her terms, while Dahlia is the gallumping, chomping, rough house girl that thinks she's a dog & just wants to play!
But you know, Dahlia's enthusiasm will suck Pops in every so often- she'll charge around with the tail held high, pounce & pin Dahlia to wash her ears, & will do an impression of Spider Man on the side of a chair :-P

Sara said...

What cuties! Bella is very lucky to have found you to adopt her. I hope she can learn to live with Heidi and that Heidi doesn't get her feelings hurt easily.

Anita said...

They are both sweet! Love the photos!! :)

wendy g said...

They are both too cute!

V. said...

What a cute pair.

Monica said...

Both are gorgeous! Is Bella a calico?

sydney said...

I love those pictures! I used to have a cat, Nell, who was much like Bella. I got her as a kitten but it took her about 8 years to become a lap cat. She liked dogs and always went to the door to greet people, but she hated other cats.