Thursday, August 28, 2008

Squirrel 2.....Homeowner 1

Heidi has faithfully been on "squirrel patrol" since early this morning.......not even a cat nap that I am aware of!! She has been intermittently walking between windows...looking out, sniffing the door jamb.

I really thought with the blinds open all the way the squirrel would maybe see it's reflection and be scared away......but oh NOOOO.................. not this stupid little (insert favorite foul word) squirrel!!!!!!!!

I heard Heidi chattering like CRAZY and KNEW the stupid little squirrel was back...what GIVES???? What in the HECK does this squirrel want in my house so bad that it would be willing to knaw through the door????? Is it the bag of almonds I just bought.....maybe it is the walnuts????? The pot roast I cooked yesterday morning???

I came up with the only weapon I had to use (second only because I couldn't find the duct tape which we all know can be used in ANY emergency) tell me what you think?

Ahhhhh......nothing shouts a classier welcome than a big ole wad of tin foil taped to the door with packing tape!!!

And to further add to the trashy look, you will notice all the shreds of torn tissue paper, the big canvas fish that Heidi loves to dive-bomb into, the flying saucer ping pong ball thingy and last but not last........the watch kitty......Heidi!!!


Emily said...

Nice job, Heidi! You'll get him next time!

sydney said...

LOL! Well tin foil is probably bettered than a custom gnawed squirrel door in your door. Heidi would probably like that though. Maybe the squirrel heard about Gustav and thought it would be safer inside. :)

ginger said...

Don't forget that we had to duct-tape a mouse trap to our peach tree to keep rats from the birdfeeder! Now THAT is classy!!