Monday, August 11, 2008

Is It Monday Already???

It seems like the weekends FLY by!!!! Too many things on the "To Do" list, not enough time.....too many distractions!!

Distraction # 1.

I made a very quick trip to Serendipity Needleworks on Saturday....(and I DO mean quick!!), with Suzanne and Jessi......and oh MY.....these ladies kept me in STITCHES the whole time!!!

Serendipity is moving to a new location and Saturday was their last day in the old location. There was a GREAT sale going on, with most yarns 60% off...and some even more!! I was good, going with a list of projects to buy yarn for as well as some dye lot numbers to match up with yarn I purchased in the past.

I didn't buy yarn for any of the three vest projects I am going to knit.....but I did luck out and find some yarn 60% off that matched the dye lot numbers with yarn that I purchased several months ago (for 50% off)!!! YIPPEEE......I love a good deal!!!

Berrocco Keltic

Which I am planning to use to knit the Celtic Vest pattern, a simple sideways knit vest, closed with a shawl pin.

The colors are sort of blue/green with brown.

Also on sale was Noro yarn.....and they had a TON of it......I was good even though I wanted to buy one of every color!! I only bought yarn to make the Brooklyn Tweed Scarf for my Nephew, who will be moving to Virginia the end of this month.

I also bought enough to make a scarf to replace one that I knit for myself last year and had traded with a girl.....we met at a play, complimented each other on our scarves and ended up trading before the play even started!! LOL!!!

Distraction # 2:

On Sunday we babysat this teeny, tiny little bundle of never ending engery!!!

Meet LuLu, 12 week Miniature Schnauzer.....which unfortunately belongs to my neighbor and not me!!

Is she not the tiniest little thing???

It was fun having such a tiny little puppy in the tend to forget all the little "puppy" things when you have an older that stinky puppy breath, how they hop straight up like a baby deer when they are playing, RAZOR sharp little teeth that gnaw on anything...especially they will play 90 to nothing and then just drop in their tracks when they are tired!! LOL!!!

AWWWWWW....................I want one too!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked a bit on the Boogie Vest......hopefully will finish it tonight and be ready to move on to the next project on my list!!


Bubblesknits said...

How absolutely precious!!! And tiny!

I had such a good time with y'all this weekend!

elizabeth said...

I love good yarn deals! Sounds like fun!

Firefly Nights said...

What a cute little pup. How nice to be able to babysit a young one and then give it back so you don't have all the puppy chores.

My littlest Jack Russell has heard your sheep grazing on the blog, and now all he wants to do is look at the computer.

Suzanne B said...

Cute Puppy!! And you are right, Yarn Shopping with friends is much better than just plain yarn shopping.

Milly said...

Oh Lulu is just precious.
I like those distractions!

sydney said...

Puppies, and kittens, always have that distinct baby smell. I love it. Lulu is so cute!

I like that yarn! It will make a nice Celtic Vest.

monica said...

I love yarn sales!! looks like you did well.

The puppy is adorable, I want one too