Monday, October 08, 2007

So Much ANGST Over A Ball Of Yarn!!

Why do you taunt me????

I have envisioned many different beautiful, lush scarves....but let me work your lush fibers into my dream scarf then reject my hard work as not worthy of your fibery goodness!!!

Could this just be a game to keep me knitting you forever??????

You are SOOO bad!!!

This is the ball-O-yarn I spun from the roving that I bought from Elizabeth . I am SO tickled how the yarn turned out after plying!! I absolutely love the "rustic" looking, thick and thin yarn and have wanted to knit a scarf but seems like whatever I knit just looks like a wad of chunkiness!!

I tried a K2,P2 but unless some serious blocking will cause it to keep it's shape it just wound up on itself......tried a straight knit scarf and it just looked like a bunch of nubby yarn I threw around my neck.
How does one knit a scarf using thick/thin yarn and make it look like a scarf? These are size 15 needles....I have also tried 11 adn 13.

AND.....Tonni created some GREAT items for all the Alabama Knitters to purchase from!! Check it out!!! The tote bag is large enough to double as a shopping bag!!


elizabeth said...

I don't know! Dare I say - crochet?

I might have some size 17s; I'll look tonight.

Bibby said...

The roving is so deceiving. You never know what it's gonna spin in to! I would just keep it the way it is to look at.
Elizabeth did a great dyeing job!

Kel said...

Beautiful yarn... you might want to try the No-Roll Scarf pattern... it might show off the yarn okay. :)