Tuesday, September 25, 2007

From Roving To Yarn Cake....The Process

Please bear with me while I go on ad nauseum about my first yarn!!

I thought I had a picture of the roving pre spun but apparently I didn't make one so I bring you Bobbins-O-Yarn.

Next Comes The Niddy Noddy!!! (I just love saying Niddy Noddy......I don't know WHY)!!!! LOL!!

Then we have Yarn WASHING!!!!

Yarn Beating.....which unfortunately I do not have a picture of...use your imagination. I am sure it was quite humorous seeing me beat the "kinks" out of the yarn.... I felt strangly happy and rather peaceful after the beating of the yarn!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Next comes Drying and setting the yarn!!! As you can see, this requires very specialized tools!! LOL!! (Specifically the bottle of Windex aka yarn weight)

And Last But Not Least.... my VERY First Hand Spun Yarn Cake!!!!!!

This is the first skein I processed and I really did beat it too much....it seems to be felted looking. The other two skeins were not beat as much and still hanging up, weighted as they had more kinks......so.....when not plying yarn apparently there is a fine line between beating the kinks into submission and felting!! LOL!!!

I will check the other two hanks and be sure there isn't too much twist....may have to re-soak and beat them into submission a bit more if they don't match up with this yarn well enough to knit with......

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy....I Made YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently all the excitement is too much for Bella......I'm OUTA here Crazy Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bubblesknits said...

Poor Bella. Mama's being weird again. LOL

Congratulations on the first yarn cake! To me, that was when I felt like I really had yarn the first time. :-) Can't wait to see it in person!

Alabama Gal said...

Whoo-hoo!! Yep, I am proud of you, my daughter. You have inherited my "crafty interests". What more is there to learn?
Next year will be another year to learn something new.
Love you,

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

But if I could only SEW like you do!!!!!

paula said...

Oh how pretty! Hope you didn't scare kitty-cat too bad.

sydney said...

LOL, Bella is just jealous because she wanted to get at the yarn first.

Congrats on your first yarn cake!

Beth said...

Yay, yarn. Looks so great!

(I always love how yarn looks on a niddy noddy.)

tonni said...

You are just toooo funny! Poor Bella... she just doesn't know how to appreciate a beautimous yarn cake :)

Life's a Stitch said...

Those ARE my colours. Can't wait to see it knit up!

Mother of Purl said...

You got some happy clored yarn workin' for ya'! I'm so proud. I, however, have nothing yarny to report. You rock!

Bibby said...

Gorgeoumous!!! What are your plans for it?
Spending too much time with your passion instead of your kitty! Poor Bella kitty!

Cindy said...

How on earth did you get that picture of her about to take off? Do you keep that camera around your neck?