Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spinning With Grace

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon with Grace....not that I have any pictures to PROVE this for a fact!!!

The funny thing about blog won't actually GET any pictures unless you REMOVE the camera from your bag and MAKE pictures.......which in my excitement I totally forgot about.!!!

So use your no particular order:

Spinning Wheel and all her lovely accessories
Yarn Stash
House tour with plans for future knitting/stash area
Mr. Sugar Ray
Cute New Hubby
Meeting the Boy Child...(who is WAY too cute and will have many Dad's of Daughters nervous when dating season starts).
Spinning with Grace and getting a demo of how to ply yarn....which I am no longer intimidated by!! a picture in your head now?????

I got SOO many great tips from Grace!!!!! It is absolutely amazing to me the difference it makes to have someone explain while showing you how to do something rather than trying to get it all from a book.

I had a GREAT some GREAT tips and I plan to spend tonight and tomorrow working on my "homework".....hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have some improvement in my spinnign skills to show off!!!!

Update Sunday 23rd:

The second bobbin is what I spun after meeting with Grace.....still not consistent with size....but I know that will come with time and practice. BUT....I am tickled that if you look at the bobbin on the top it is all pretty big.....the bobbin on the bottom does have a lot of thinner yarn....joining new roving is where I have the biggest problem with yarn "blobs".....overall I am tickled because I can see such a difference in the yarn!!!! And the tips on how to separate the roving was a big help too!!!!


paula said...

Very nice colors. I am impressed

tonni said...

WoW! Looking good! I love these colors :)

grace said...

I'm just really glad all my "tips" as you put it, were helpful and not confusing! It was a lot of fun! Let's definitely do it again.

Beck said...

I can see progress girl! And I can tell you are enjoying yourself so much. I predict in about 6 months it'll be just like knitting socks was. You'll be a whiz at it!

Love the ocean colors in this yarn you've spun too...

sydney said...

Your yarn is looking great! I can definitely tell you're getting better. I love the colors in that fiber too. So what are you going to do with your first yarn?