Sunday, September 02, 2007


WOW....Where to Begin??

I was visiting Christy's Blog, Confessions of a Misplaced Southern Belle the other day and saw a VERY CUTE Padfolio and Sock bag that Christy made herself!!! The best part was the fabric!! Dick and Jane fabric.....TOOO CUTE!!!
Now, if anyone doesn't know who Dick and Jane is.....well, bless your heart!!! Dick and Jane Books are the sweetest little books written in the early 1940's !! In the era when women stayed home and cared for the children and wore frilly aprons and high heels all day, little girls wore dresses and curls ALL the time!!

I received an EM telling me to check my mailbox and found THIS!!!!

Christy, I am sorry I didn't take the time to smooth out the shipping wrinkles....I was so anxious to show you the bag alongside the book!!

I LOVE the fact that you put a vintage leather button for the closure...just a perfect choice!!

I was truly moved to tears at your thoughtfulness!!! Dick and Jane has a special place in my heart!! My grandmother was a first grade teacher for many years and she used the Dick and Jane books to teach reading. This book is for the 1946-47 school year. I spent many a day at my Grandmother's house reading these books and playing "school teacher"!!

Here is a pic from the inside of one of the Dick and Jane books.

Aren't they the sweetest pictures??

AND....if the bag wasn't enough, Christy included a skein of the most BEAUTIFUL Fleece Artist yarn!!!!
The lighting is bad and this picture doesn't do the colors justice.....believe me....the colors are AWESOME and perfect for Fall!!!

A simple Thank you just doesn't seem adequate to thank you Christy for such a touching gift!!!!

My sister jokingly told me she thought that knitters were in some secret cult of "niceness, caring and bringing happiness to the world"......she may be right!!!!

It is so wonderful to know that there are people in the world that we may have only a glimpse of their lives (and ours) through blogs that they are willing to share themselves and their talents with others in the most kindest and thoughtful of ways!!!

I appreciate very much the time and effort that went into making this bag and I will think of you every time I pull out to work on a sock!!!!!!

Many, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tonni said...

What a wonderful surprise! I learned how to read with those books :) Your sister is right...

Beth said...

Wow,that's a great suprise! I taught my first to read with Dick and Jane and I still have the books around here somehwere. So cool! Love the yarn's georgeous!

Bubblesknits said...

That's such a pretty bag! And yarn, too! Knitter's are some of the most wonderful people!

Can't wait till Wednesday! Want me to bring my wheel? :-)

sydney said...

What a great surprise! I remember the Dick and Jane books. The bag is so cute and the yarn is beautiful.

paula said...

That is so cute-I also learned to read. See Spot run. Run, Spot, run!
Purty yarn, too.

elizabeth said...

That's so awesome! Congrats, you!

ginger said...

I love Dick and Jane! How wonderful!!!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh I remember seeing that back on Christy's blog. How sweet of her to send it to you. Dick & Jane were the books I learned to read on also. MAny moons ago now. We are all showing our ages, hey. Happy knitting!