Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yarn Update and They Are EVERYWHERE!!!

I knit the first hank of yarn that I showed off in my previous the form of a scarf. The yarn reminds me very much of Noro style looks that is!!

UNFORTUNATELY.....the yarn is so scratchy next to my skin there is no way I can wear it.....may just have to re-knit as a scarf for Henny Penny who lives in my kitchen!!! VERY disappointed!!

Note to Self: Know what you are buying BEFORE you buy!

I have spun the BFL that I bought from Elizabeth, two bobbins. I decided to go ahead and give plying a try but I used my 3rd bobbin to spin some other I don't have a bobbin to use for plying....I have ordered extra bobbins and they should be here by Wednesday.....but until then................

A Bella Update:

We are a rather small business here....Bella helps out with the accounting part of things from time to time.

Darn It...I hate it when the paper gets off track!!

...........after a long week of crunching numbers she likes to get away for awhile by herself and just contemplate................ "things".

But you know what they say:

When the cat is away.........

The MICE will PLAY!!!!!!!!!

I Make NO apologies for refusing to grow up...I LOVE Halloween and I am not ashamed to admit it!!! These little lovelies are at Michael's or "Monster's Craft Store" as Jessi's little girl calls it. Check out Jessi's September 25th post.
AND.......last but not least........head over here to read about Bibby's big announcement.....under the "Work of Art" post.
(Enabled another one)! Hee! Hee!
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paula said...

Good help is hard to find. Oooh, no mousies for me, please

Cindy said...

Oh, I can't believe it. Annie and I just got through with our mice stair case. I took a picture but too much sun. Going to wait until the sun goes down and take another. I will probably post it tonight. Yours look GREAT!

sydney said...

LOL! It's good that you have an accountant who makes sure the paper is on track. I love the mouse staircase! We have a great time at Halloween so we just might have to get some of those.

Bibby said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I say this picture!!! I have the same mouse family at my house! Oh, great minds think alike!!! Right Mater...........

Emily said...

heeheehee I've seen those mice in blogland today! Bella seems to be an enormous help around the house - does she help you spin too?