Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alabama Holiday Ornament Swap 2007

Emily suggested that all the Alabama Knit Bloggers participate in a No HASSLE, NO TREE required ornament swap for the Holidays!! What a GREAT idea this was!!!!

Due to computer issues beyond my control (Looking for the Devil you say???....look NO FURTHER.....he lives in WINDOWS!).....but I digress.....

Emily made this AWESOME button for us to all post on our blogs!!! Just in case you didn't receive the initial EM or haven't had time to read your EM here's the deal: If for any reason you missed the cut off of Midnight last night and still want in......leave a comment or EM no later than Friday by midnight and I'll pull some strings and get you in!!! LOL!!!

You are invited to participate in an Alabama Holiday Ornament swap, NO TREE REQUIRED….ornaments are for every occasion (they also look great hanging from kitchen cabinets, etc).

This is going to be an easy, hopefully fun swap for everyone!!

A) Cut off date to sign up is midnight Wednesday, November 14th. (Amended to Friday, November 16, midnight.

B) Cost: $ 10 including the cost of making the ornament, shipping and any goodies you might want to add.

C) Ornament stats: need to be shipped to arrive no later than December 14th.

D) Your ornament doesn’t HAVE to be knitted (but there are a lot of free patterns available on the web and don’t think you have to knit something elaborate…sometimes simple is the best ).........besides, you may end up a fabulous knitter, publish books and your partner might have one of your very first knitted items, VERY collectable!!!! BUT……If you are a new knitter and don’t feel comfortable knitting an ornament perhaps a creative knitting related type ornament!!

E) This will be a secret swap.

F) If you would like to participate, please confirm by returning this em along with the completed questionnaire. Everyone will be assigned a secret pal and I will EM you with your pals info!!


1. What winter holiday do you celebrate?
2. What is your favorite holiday snack, candy, etc?
3. What is your favorite color?
4. Anything you would like to add that might help your secret pal?
5. What is your snail mail address?
6. What is your em address and blog address?


Emily said...

Yay! I am very excited - I already know what I am making!

Sharly said...

Now that I have my recipient, I know what I'm making, too! This is going to be fun :) Thanks Darlene and Emily!!