Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving And A Good Trade!!!

Isn't this a beautiful view? This picture was made early this morning!! I love how the fog looks swirling through the trees!!!

The day started out with such anticipation for me!!! I could barely sleep last would think it were Christmas Eve!!!

You see........I have (or had) some of these in my butler's pantry. Waterford Crystal....BEAUTIFUL....but I'm more a pottery kinda gal myself!!!

So I sold six of these in less than 24 hours on Ebay, took the money, went on a little drive this morning through the countryside to Montevallo.....SUCH a beautiful drive there with all the fog, beautiful colored leaves, the farm land!!! It just looks like heaven to me!!! I would love to live in Montevallo!!!

But....more on my destination. All roads were headed to this little baby!!!!

I am just so darn tickled I can't stand it!!! You give the wheel a tiny push....and it's like BUTTAH.....I tell BUTTAH it is so smooth!!!!

I haven't had time to spin on it....

Tradition takes first place this evening!!

The Cupcake is in the kitchen, making the Pumpkin pies that her great, great Grandmother used to make.......all six of them!!! She is QUITE the good cook!!!! So much so that I am practically in her way!!!!

So....I'll leave you with this vision of loveliness!!!!

I wish you all a most wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Count your blessings,
Name them one by one;
Count your blessings,
See what God hath done;
Count your blessings,
Name them one by one;
Count your many blessings,
See what God hath done.

Chorus from the Hymn Count Your Blessings!!

I know I am counting mine!!!!!!!!!!!


Jane said...

Oh, what a pretty photo, and your new wheel is wonderful! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

paula said...

Pretty photo. What kind of wheel is that. Darlene, I just LOVE the turkey .um, headdress... Happy Turkey Day. We cooked all morning, ate and are now relaxing. Dessert will be much later. hee hee

sydney said...

Congrats on the new wheel! You might as well get something you'll use. The picture of the trees in the fog is lovely. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Cindy said...

Yeah, you got that puppy! I'm so excited for you. And most of all, I am so very thankful on this day that you are in my life. My bestest friend in all the world.
Love you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tonni said...

GREAT trade! What a beauty... can't wait to see how she spins for you :)

Daily Fiber said...

I must say ditto to Cindy's comment. I'm so very thankful to have come into such a wonderful group of knitting buddies. I truly am blessed too!

elizabeth said...

Wow! Congrats! Details, details!!!

sprite said...

That is a *gorgeous* shot! (And congrats on the pretty wheel.)

ginger said...

Now THAT is a pretty wheel! I can't wait to see all the amazing things you make with it. You deserve it! (oh - and look at sweet Princess Cupcake - hugs to her!!) Love you!