Monday, January 29, 2007

Bloomin Feet Yarn Update!

I have been looking at various yarns to use for my Bloomin Feet Secret theory was if I chose a yarn that was not the "every day" variety it might make up for not being able to knit something fancy.
In my search, I ran across Sweet Georgia Yarn. I have not heard of this particular yarn and discovered that this is a "Canadian" yarn, only carried in about 5 stores in the U.S. I was disapointed to discover that most of these shops didn't carry much in their inventory. Apparently, Sweet Georgia Yarn is dyed in small batches and sells out incredibly fast!! I was able to find one shop, Dublin Bay, in Portland, Oregon and spoke with Tricia, who was so gracious to check her inventory to see what she had in stock with enough yardage to make a pair of socks and this is what we came up with......what do you think? The yarn feels really nice!! I also received a sweet little thank you note as well as a stitch marker!! I am also looking at some hand dyed yarn and I am waiting on some swatches to be mailed to help me with my final decision on what yarn weight to go with. I also have some GREAT yarn that I recently purchased that fits my pals color many choices!!! Stay Tuned.........