Monday, January 22, 2007

Sweater Update And Other Knitting


O.K. If you squinch up your eyes and use your can ALMOST imagine this as a sweater!! Can't you??

This is SLOW going for me!! I knit a few rows and find myself getting "fidgety" to get back to sock knitting!!

I have made a bit more progress since this picture was taken....but not much! It seems like I knit, and knit and KNIT and I'm not really getting anywhere!!! But.....I know slow and steady gets the sweater finished!!

I am also working on a couple of pairs of socks. The purple pair is knit with Blue Moon Fiber Arts which was a gift from Tonni awhile back. I wanted to make a few more pairs of socks before I knit with this....I have to admit I am SOOOO in love with this yarn!!!

I am calling this my "swamp" socks.....the pic doesn't show the true color....but picture the green slime that grows in slow moving water and THAT is the color of this yarn! This is yarn that I purchased from Fearless Fibers, which is an Ebay seller. I have bought 3 skeins of yarn from this seller and have been pleased with all three!

Updates to follow at a later date so check back!


Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty! I love the sock yarn colors! And I can just picture the swamp green!! :) The sweater is beautiful! You will be so happy when the thing is complete! I am sure it will be worth the effort!
your bloomin'feet pal,

Paula said...

Wait til you get to the point you divide for the sleeves. That is what I always look forward to. After finishing Twist, I sure look forward to making a topdown raglan next. Pretty sock yarn. I wound my Darlene yarn. I am thinking of Knitty's Monkey socks next, but I have three going.

Dana said...

cute socks! that yarn looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

Of course it looks like a sweater .... a nice comfy sweater too.

I have the same problem with knitting. Always end up with socks because they go sooooo much faster.

wendy g said...

I am with you on the sock knitting and have to have at least one pair on the needles at all times. You are making progress on your sweater and just remember it will take a litle longer than a pair of socks:)

Beck in FL said...

Everything is looking great. And you know I'm the same way about knitting on big projects. I get fidgety too. I think sock knitting ruins us because it moves so much faster and results are faster. Love the purple socks though the best!

Doogle Knits said...

It's all so beautiful!! You are an awesome knitter.

Anonymous said...

The sweater is *beautiful*! Wow - it is going to turn out sooo pretty!

sydney said...

I actually like the colors in the swamp socks. Hmm... I must be feeling green today.:)

Emily said...

Yay sweater - are you having fun with it yet? You can always stop and make a poncho instead (but you should totally make your sweater - arms in the round are exciting) Nice STR color - Tonni has great taste.