Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm All Signed UP!!

I DID IT!!!!

I signed up for the Hurricane Sock Party 2007!! I'm not a GREAT knitter but I think with the right yarn I can manage to produce ONE decent sock to swap with someone! This will be my VERY FIRST Swap and I am VERY excited!!!

Also looking forward to receiving my first Socks That Rock yarn from the Rockin Sock Club!

In addition to the above......I am working with Tonni....(well, Tonni is working with ME) to knit a sweater. Tonni, is a phenomenally fast knitter and is WAYYY ahead of me! I plan to knit tonight and have a pic to post tomorrow!! (Feeling the pressure here....check out Tonni's blog!)

AND......last but not least......I have plans to make my first lace shawl!! Becky brought me the pattern (written out in format for dummies...oops...I mean for beginners).....and I truly think I can make this!!!

I finished one sock with SRS yarn from Tonni, have casted on a sock using some Fearless Fibers yarn (yes.....BEFORE I finished the SRS mate).

Whew!!! I'm out of control here!!! This is SOO unlike me!! I don't have any more time to knit than I did last year......but hopefully as my skills are improving....EVER SO SLOWLY......I am able to accomplish more in the same amount of limited time.

I just LOVE to knit!!!!


Doogle Knits said...

I signed up for that sock swap as well. Wouldn't it be funny if we ended up swap partners? I can't wait to get my first Socks That Rock package. I think they said we'd get the first package around mid February -- maybe on my birthday. I'll be watching you and Tonni as you progress on those sweaters. Maybe I'll get one of mine finished before much longer. lol

Anonymous said...

New things are good :) If you think you can do all of these new projects, you can!

Can't wait to see your progess on the sweater :)

wendy g said...

The HSP was so much fun last time around and I will sign up too. You have some great projects going and I know you will enjoy knitting them.

Paula said...

What's the shawl pattern? I still feel lace-challenged, ever after making Forest Canopy Shawl. Go Darlene, sock knitter!

Emily said...

Yay, Darlene! I did the Hurricane swap again this year (it may be preventative and I am all about that - plus it's fun). So how's that sweater going?

grace said...

Said like a true knitter. :)

Sydney said...

Cool! You can do it. Besides we need more lace knitters in the world. :)