Friday, September 01, 2006

Raimie Noodles On Acid............Scarf!

I received a comment on my last sock post about my "spaghetti" yarn.....which reminded me I didn't post a picture of my scarf I named "Raimie Noodles On Acid".....looks like ramie noodles doesn't it???

I had to promise Max a bisquet to pose....but....just like me he will do most anything for food!! LOL!!!

I DID discover that I made the scarf wayyy longer than I wanted it to be!! I finished the scarf at a recent Sticks With Chics gathering.....I tend to get distracted....guess that's where that extra 24" came from!!! LOL!!!

I'm thinking about trying to "undo" back about 2 ft....but not sure if it will "undo" without a major hassle. Hmmm....have to think about this one!!


Emily said...

Heehee! Max looks great. Stylin' even. Awww yeah.

Sydney said...

Max is a really good dog! That is truly a fun and funky scarf. I can see where it got it's name.

tonni said...

Look at that precious smile! I can't believe he posed for this picture without chewing up the scarf!