Monday, September 11, 2006

NEVER Cook With Naked Feet

ESPECIALLY when it lands on your foot.......and you are wearing flip flops!!

If it can go wrong in the kitchen it has gone wrong in a matter of fact I'm going to write a book one of these days on what NOT to do in the kitchen! But back to my TOE!!!

As I was unsafely moving a potato from a boiling pot of water with a skewer to the cutting board mistakenly (in retrospect) placed on the OPPOSITE side of the kitchen the potato fell apart....and landed in part on my big toe.....I have a BLISTER!!! I am in pain .....I'm talking PAIN here!!!! I can't decide which hurts worse....the heat of the burn or the pain of the cold from the ice or the humiliation of being so STUPID!!!

I can NOT believe I am even admitting to something so stupid.....but I will be a big person and put my embarrassment and humiliation aside in hopes that someone will benefit from my injury.....if not....perhaps you will have a good laugh! LOL!!!

Note to self: Best to knit instead of cook!!


paula said...

Be careful, Darlene. I was expecting to see a picture of your toe! I stabbed myself with a Knitpicks circ last night.

Cookie said...

That is not your fault! You got an untrustworthy tater.

Btw, I once had a quilt teacher tell me to always wear shoes while quilting because those rotary cutters can hurt you. o.0

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Paula, my toe is so ugly WITHOUT the burn I wouldn't subject you to that!! LOL!!!

grace said...

"Best to knit instead of cook!!"

I practice this philosophy daily and it has served me well. ;-)

Hope your toe gets better soon!

tonni said...

i'm with grace... forget the cooking :) KNIT

ginger said...

Aw, don't feel bad about this...toe injuries happen to the best of us...

About two years ago, I was in the grocery store, looking at toothpaste. When I turned the box, the tube came right out, straight up-and-down, and hit my bare (I was in sandals) 'index' toe at 800mph.

I couldn't help but to cry out...over my TOE...but it really hurt and made one of those instant blue/green bruises!

That bruise lasted forever and I was so embarrased when anyone would ask how I got it!! "It was attacked by toothpaste!" :)

Hope your toe is feeling better soon!