Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Blatant Case Of Bragging!

I would like to invite everyone to bookmark my nephews blog and follow his journey through Spain beginning today until he returns mid December. Please feel free to comment and let him know you are a friend of mine.


Brent is a phenomenal kid....um....I mean.... man! He has worked very hard to get where he is in life and I could not be more proud of him!!!

On the knitting front: The purple "thang" is gone. Even the cat wasn't interested in it......just looked at me like PULEASE, whipped her tail as if to say humph ....and sauntered off!! I would have posted a pic but it was just too sad to show! LOL!!! After I gave it a "trim" I realized it was a good thing I went in the medical field rather than the hair dressing venue!! LOL!

Working on a sock.....will post pics later! I appreciate your support of Brent's travels and his blog!

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