Monday, September 25, 2006

We Interrupt This Blog For An Important Announcement!!

If you do not have a pair of Becky's fabulous Leggy Creations you need to stop....seriously....STOP what you are doing right now and go here....go on.....I'll wait for you!

Scroll down and click on the gallery link to see an archive of some of the sock blockers Becky has made. Becky accepts custom orders so don't be afraid to let her know what you would like!

I could NOT be more tickled with these blockers! The quality of the pictures in NO way reflects the quality of the work!! Each set is signed and numbered and has a tag attached that tells you a bit about what goes into making a pair of Leggy Creations!

The beach scene is incredible!! I'm not sure if these are from actual pictures Becky made on the beach but pretty impressive!!! Oh...and don't think for one minute they are too pretty to use!! They are completely sealed with polyurethane!!! I'm just so excited I had to let everyone in on this well kept secret!!

AND.....Becky makes these little fellas too!! Are they not THE cutest little things? What do you give the knitter that has everything? Why a custom set of Leggy Blockers and pair of sheep!!

UPDATE: Becky did make the photos used on the beach sock blockers.


Becky / Leggy Creations said...

You are too sweet. Thank you.

And the photos on the Blue pair are of the beach at Pensacola, and yes I took the pics myself. So you could say they are a perfect souvineer of a Florida vacation for any knitter! Or so I thought so anyway.

wendy g said...

Becky does a great job! I have some too.

Doogle Knits said...

I've had my eye on these for awhile now.

Karen said...

Very nice! I love the beach pair! Enjoy them!

tonni said...

Lovely sock blockers! I've been looking at her store trying to decide on a theme to order some custom blockers. These are FABULOUS!

tonni said...

Well, i'm just going to have to order me some! I've measured and only need to come up with a "theme"!