Thursday, September 07, 2006

Feed The Stash!!!

I needed some eyelash to add with yarn purchased awhile back for a couple of scarves. I ended up with this:

The lighting isn't very good but this is a GREAT variation of greens that I LOVE.....just couldn't pass up!

I just love this color combination!!!

This is for two scarves....not sure if they will be Christmas or Birthday gifts!

SOCK yarn!!

The blue is a boucle yarn that I have never seen and I am going to attempt to make a very small shawl/very large scarf! The other two skeins are for triangular scarves knitted on size 19 needles (Thanks Jan!)......these go sooooo fast and everyone that sees them has asked for one!


tonni said...

I see Christmas gifts in the making! What a STASH!

paula said...

Hey! where'd you get all that? have you been to the new location of Knit Nouveau?

flwrhead said...

Those are some crazy yarns! Pretty colors - they'll make snazzy scarves!

Emily said...

oooOOOOoooo Fun yarn to knit with!

wendy g said...

Nice stash addition!