Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Whiskers On Wednesday AND FO!!

If it is Wednesday, that means it is WHISKERS ON WEDNESDAY!!

After 6 days of recuperation from shoulder surgery, my DH is back at work!!

Not sure if Bella was waiving goodbye, best wishes on your first day back at work or if this is some international kitty symbol for "you are invading my space now LEAVE" message!! LOL!! Hmmmm....for some reason I don't think it was a "sweet" message! LOL!!

On my needles and a FO!!

I am finishing up two pairs of socks, should hopefully have them completed tonight or tomorrow, I have completed one sock and ready to start the mate.....I have OHHHH so many projects knocking around in my head that I want to get started on, just not enough hours in the day!!

Blue Sky Alpaca cotton, so, so soft and destined to be Ophelia. I absolutely LOVE the cornflower blue color!!! This will be my first time to knit with cotton and hoping that Ophelia will play nicer than Juliet did!!!


Anita said...

What a funny photo of Bella! :)

Gorgeous yarn!!

Sarah said...

I think that's the feline version of the bird. It's hard for cats to separate their toes enough to give us the real one.
Yes, that yarn is beautiful. What's it going to be?

Bubblesknits said...

Okay, Bella is sooo shooting you the bird. ROTFL I love it!

I need to get you to come to my house and thin the sock yarn herd. At the rate you're whipping out the socks, you'd have it down to nothing in no time!

elizabeth said...

Ophelia will be great! I'm jealous of your blue sky, their cotton is SO soft!

Sara said...

Yes, the cat definitely seems to be giving you the bird lol! I love the color of that yarn. Very wedgewood-esque.