Monday, February 23, 2009

Deceived by Juliet


I found this pattern and decided since I wanted to knit a sweater, but I'm not a sweater wearing gal, this pattern would be PERFECT for me.

This is what Juliet is SUPPOSED to look like!!

In particular, notice how the edges of the sweater do NOT meet or touch, there is SUPPOSED to be a rather sizeable gap in fact!!

Unfortunately, MY Juliet is too large (despite my initial thoughts it would be too small). When I initially laid it out to dry/block it was HUGE....and I managed to "scrunch" it down as much as the pic shows....and it doesn't look so huge in the picture. BUT....when I have it own, I can wrap it over like a double breasted coat!!!!

According to the pattern and my bust size I should have knit a large. I wasn't ever able to achieve the size 14 stitch gauge, but got 15, so I went down a size and knit according to the medium rather than large.

I do like this sweater and I have enough ecowool to knit another, just wonder if the yarn had anything to do with it. Once I pulled it from the water it had "bloomed" to seemingly ginormous proportions, or maybe I'm just used to socks!!'s fun to learn from your mistakes!!! (insert sarcasm)!! LOL!!


grace said...

It looks gorgeous! I'd take it off your hands if I thought there was a chance in hell of it fitting over my chest! :D

tonni said...

This is a beautiful sweater... you could always take it out and knit with existing yarn in a smaller size... or, invite Grace over and see if there is a chance that it will fit over her big girls :)

Holly said...

I love this sweater. I know it is suppose to gap open but if it met, is it still to big?

elizabeth said...

It's so pretty! I can't believe it didn't work out, you did all the maths right! That happens to me all.the.time, it's no fair!

Anonymous said...

that is a really pretty sweater. Swatches lie, yarn grows. I am amazed anything fits me

Anita said...

It really did turn out pretty! I hate that it didn't fit, that sucks! By measurements I should always wear a M, but they always turn out WAY too big. So now no matter what the pattern says I knit the small size. Go figure!

Bubblesknits said...

That Juliet is a fickle one, isn't she?

I say try it on Grace before you banish it forever.

Sydney said...

It's a beautiful sweater. Too bad it doesn't fit. Some yarns do grow.