Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Update

Ahhhh........Juliet is OFF the needles!!!

I have got to decide the number of buttons and make the button loops before I block....but Ohhhhh.....I am so darn tickled!!!!

Knit with Cascade Ecowool.....because that was all I had in my stash but I will most DEFINITELY be knitting this again....once I'm off this darn yarn diet!! LOL!!

Suzanne shared some good tips for knitting this particular pattern!! Thanks Girl, you saved me a great deal of time!!!! :) :)

BUT....more important, it is Heidi Approved!!! LOL!!!

We are pretty low keyed around here when it comes to "occasions" Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays. Valentine's day generally consists of cards exchanged and a special dinner prepared.

In anticipation of a good meal for dinner, we had a light lunch.....ahhhh....but love was in the air even then. Look what I pulled from a bag of chips my DH and I were sharing!!!!


grace said...

Love your Juliet! And those chips are too cute. What was for dinner?

Holly said...

Love Juliet. Can't wait to see it in person.
I am not a fan of Valentines, I think it is overated and over priced. Why celebrate, when you can tell someone you love them everyday.

tonni said...

Beautimous!!! You need to stage a "photo shoot"!

Bubblesknits said...

Gorgeous!!! I agree with Tonni...we need modeled photos!

Bibby said...

Your sweater is very pretty! Hope this means you'll be knitting more "garments"!

You could probably sell those chips on Ebay for lots of dollars.

Emily said...

Beautiful! Get the buttons on so I can see how it fits! Your Valentine chips are suitable for framing.

Sydney said...

Juliet is gorgeous. I'm glad to see it's also Heidi approved! We're pretty low key about Valentine's also. There's usually chocolate and some small things involved but otherwise, that's it.