Thursday, February 26, 2009

Book Review, Socks and Juliet Finds A New Home

Like Elizabeth, I too received an invitation to review Knitting the Threads of Time: Casting Back to the Heart of Our Craft by Nora Murphy. (And be sure to read Elizabeth's review as she is much more eloquent than I am)!

When first thumbing through the book I thought it was going to be an easy, quick read, in a nutshell, the journey of someone knitting a sweater with little "epiphanies" added in along the way. I was wrong!

This book incorporated an INCREDIBLE amount of history, along with so many personal observations.....very interesting....from the first documented date of knitting to present day!! Despite curiosity, there is no way I would have spent the amount of time involved to discover all the facts this book brought to light for me!

A very enlightening history lesson knit together with a story not just about the act of knitting a sweater, but all the lessons learned both with the knitting and the personal reflections of how it correlates to life!!

The local history of Nora Murphys hometown (St. Paul, Minnesota), was also VERY interesting to me as well!!

I'm also with Elizabeth in that I wish the author had included a picture of the finished sweater.

A book worth reading!!

And It Burns, Burns, Burns.......The Ring Of Fire.....The Ring Of Fire..


Blue Moon Fiber Arts

I love this pattern!! An easy, quick knit that fits fantastic!!

I think this is my third pair!!

Last but not least, Juliet has left the building.....sent on her merry way to a friend who has been instructed to pass it along once she has HER Juliet knit!!

I have enough yarn in stash to knit another Juliet, but it is Ecowool and I am not sure if I want to re-knit with that yarn or wait until I can get something else......


Knit Witch said...

I received an invitation to review this book also. Hopefully mine will come today. I'm looking forward to reading it!!

elizabeth said...

You finished that book quickly! I've sent mine off to a friend in PA.

Terrific socks!

Emily said...

Oh excellent, I'll add it to my Reading List. For, you know, when I have time to read again. I miss reading. But I love knitting history!

Sydney said...

Beautiful socks!

Bubblesknits said...

Glad to hear Juliet found a good home. Sounds like an interesting book. And I lurv those socks!