Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend In Review


It's the invasion of the SOCKTOPUS!!!

Grace picked these up for me from IKEA....the PERFECT way to dry socks...of course Heidi isn't too happy, she can't knock the socks behind the hiss!

The weather this weekend was GORGEOUS...of course we are back to cold temps and a freeze warning for tomorrow night!! Ahhh....Alabama weather!!

Between pulling a few weeks I managed to finish two socks for a total of 2 pair. The pair on the left are for me.....knit with Koigu sock yarn (my first time to use this yarn) the Groovy Socks pattern from Sock Pixie and this may be my new favorite pattern!!! Super fast, not much thinking involved....yep...I like it!! The pair on the right are a pair of garter rib socks knit with KnitPicks sock yarn for my DH.

The pulling of weeds (all 3 of them)...required a chocolate reward.....

I took this as a sign I should be knitting, ditched the weed pulling....(cute little bunny and sheep M&M's)!!

And cast on for another pair of socks...

Shocking I know!!

Mystery Parts.


tonni said...

I HAVE to HAVE some of those hangers!!!! SO cute!!!

Sara said...

I love the octopi!

I'm completely bummed by the cold weather. I'm ready for some Alabama summer weather. (crazy, ain't it?)

Bubblesknits said...

I recognize those parts! :-) I can't wait to see it put together.

My socks are drying on the Socktopus right now. Thank you sooo much! It's also great for drying bras.

How in the world do you manage to knit so many socks?!?

Laura said...

Wow, those are FABULOUS!!! I'm off to see if IKEA has a wish list.

Are the parts a sheep-in-progress?

Milly said...

Those sockotpi are way cool!
hmm mystery parts?, I wonder what it could be?