Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Saturday Blue Sky was an overcast, rainy one for the better part of the day! Which we needed badly!! We live on wooded property and so many of the really big, old trees are showing signs of distress from all the heat and lack of rain!!!

Also been baking today....I'll have to post a pic of the cake I am baking for my Dad's birthday tomorrow. Have you ever heard of a GREEN TOMATO CAKE???????? YUM! YUM? YUM!


Sydney said...

We got home today and it looks like we got some much needed rain too. We even have pleasant temperatures for a change. We have a tree that's been dropping leaves like crazy. Glad you're enjoying the bibs!

Karen said...

Ok, I have to say green tomato cake sounds... ummm different. I can't picture what thatwould taste like.