Thursday, July 13, 2006

100 Things About Me (just in case anyone wants to know)

1. I was born in Jasper, Alabama, have always lived in Alabama.
2. I have 2 sisters....I'm the middle one.
3. I am a yo-yo dieter....always have been....(I know, I's not good).
4. To quote my is my life!! LOL!!
5. I love to cook but frequently screw things up!
6. I love to knit...I'm not great at it but I love it!!
7. I am a registered X-ray technologist.
8. My husband fulfilled a childhood dream of mine by surprising me with a piano and lessons one christmas...and it TRULY was a surprise!
9. I hate to get dressed and put on make-up.
10. I don't like to shop.
11. I DESPISE shopping for shoes or clothing!
12. I like to sleep late on weekends.
13. After sleeping late on weekends I like to sit on my porch, drink coffee and watch the birds at the feeder.
14. I don't like to talk on the phone.
15. I am an introvert although will make a complete fool of myself in a group....go figure!
16. I enjoy reading a good book while laying in the bathtub....ask my mom....all my books have "water marks" on them!
17. I once took a class and passed becoming a certified coal miner!
18. I like to drive fast.
19. I dream of living in the country.
20. I cherish friendships in my life.
21. I am a christian. (these items are NOT in order of importance mind you!) LOL!
22. I used to dream of being a photographer and took pictures daily...then life got in the way!
23. I love chocolate!!!
24. Halloween is my favorite holiday!
25. With Christmas as my second favorite holiday!
26. I am INCREDIBLY cheap on some things in life.
27. I wish I could win a million dollars so I could give it away!!
28. I have never had an entire week's vacation in my life!
29. I H.A.T.E. yard work but would LOVE to have a pretty yard!
30. I talk too much when I am nervous.
31. I am afraid of the dark.
32. I used to smoke but quit.
33. I love listening to my husband play guitar and banjo but he doesn't play enough.
34. I love my bed....I love to snuggle in bed and sleep late.
35. I have a miniature schnauzer named Max that I will have to be buried with when his time comes.....I LOVE my dog!! He lets me sleep in the tiny corner of the bed that he doesn't use.
36. I love being a secret angel to others!!
37. My favorite color is blue....or green....but some days it is red.
38. I am indecisive on the little things in life.
39. I am a major procrastinator on some things and a very type A person on other things.
40.I love the water....the lake in particular!
41. I love to feed the birds.
42. My favorite day of the week is Friday.
43. I like "stuff"...I'm a pack rat.
44. Speaking of which, I am DEATHLY terrified of bugs or mice.
45. I used to have two ferrets many years ago.
46. If I could go anywhere on vacation it would be Maine or Vermont in the Fall.
47. I LOVE old movies!!
48. I hate knowing Lucille Ball is no longer here......I Love Lucy.....they just don't make T.V. like that anymore!
49. I love purses.
50. I collect WAY too many things.....but I especially like baskets and pottery.
51. I have a small collection of face jugs.
52. Fall is my favorite season.
53. My favorite flower is the Daisy.
54. I love to sit and listen to the rain.
55. I also love a good loud thunderstorm.
56. I am ready to retire....not age wise....but ready nevertheless.
57. My family is the most important thing in my life.
58. I H.A.T.E. to exercise.
59. I love mexican food and a good margarita.
60. I like to be by myself.
61. I collect yarn.....I have lot's of yarn.
62. I am addicted to yarn.
63. Despite working in the medical field I H.A.T.E. to go to the doctor.
64. I have to have total darkness to sleep.
65. I love electronic "gadgets"....yet I am technilogically "challenged".
66. I'm scared of tornadoes.
67. I love Little Debbie Cakes
68. I have a collection of decorative bundt cake pans.
69. I don't like reality t.v.
70. I don't like speaking in public and will avoid at all costs.
71. My husband is my best friend.
72. I love fast food.
73. I love good coffee....especially latte's.
74. I started a knitting group with my best friend.
75. My closet is always a mess.
76. I don't like to watch sports.
77. I don't like self centered people.
78. I am most proud of myself for going to school.
79. I have always secretly wanted to write a book and have it published.
80. I wish I were tall.
81. I have big feet.....EEE width!
82. I can't sing but wish I could.
83. I sometimes snort when I laugh.
84. I drink WAYYYY too many diet cokes.
85. I miss smoking when I drink coffee.
86. I have never made a soufle but have it on my list of things to bake.
87. I love to entertain.
88. I like being at home.
89. I didn't like high school.
90. I still miss my Grandmother.
91. I don't make my bed every day.
92. My most favorite place to date to work was Williams Sonoma....I love to cook and it is a cook's heaven on earth....oh and I loved the discount!
93. Favorite place I have visited is much to see and do.
94. I want to take a cruise to Alaska.
95. I would like to fly in a small plane....maybe take a flying lesson or two.
96. I am afraid of heights.
97. If I could chose a time to live in it would be the 50's.
98. I love Peanuts comics and videos.
99. I watch Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin and Christmas Video every year.
100. Favorite Cheesy movie is Halloween....original with Jamie Lee Curtis....which incidentally was the only scary movie I ever saw when I was growing up and I snuck to the drive-in to see it....oops......sorry mother and daddy!


paula said...

Hey Darlene, except for the major difference on number 11, I think we are pretty similar. BTW, I set the cruise control on 65 last evening when XM played "Life in the Fast Lane." We won't discuss my driving on I-59, 20 or 65, OK?

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Let's just say my lead foot can "cruise control" 80mph better than any cruise control ever thought about!! LOL!!!

When I went for my Accord DH wanted me to get the Mazda RX 8 but I knew the temptation would be too great.....too old to lose my licensce!! LOL!!

Marguerite said...

You did it! Love your 100 Things.

You do realize that if you are terrified of bugs and mice (#44)you should really give up the dream of living in the country (#19)? LOL

Becky / Knitting Interrupted said...

I love reading these things, but I hate writing them. Go figure! LOL! Wonder what happened to my 100 things list? LOL. It got lost I guess. Hugs to Max!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

But in my perfect dream world I live in harmony will all God's creatures like Tasha Tudor does!'s a happy little place my dream world is! LOL!!!

Alabama Gal said...

Dear loving, middle daughter,
Oh, I have learned so many things about you I didn't know.
You are so caring of others (this I did know) and I would have never thought you were afraid of the dark.
You don't mess up your cooking. You could be a gourmet cook if you had time to work at it.
Max is a lucky dog to have you as his pet. ;-)
Of course, Johnny is lucky to be your husband. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.
You are 100% quite a lady and a loving daughter.

Love you,

RheLynn said...

Such a great list - you sound like a mixture of my best friend and myself ;o) The sitting on the front porch in the morning is great, isn't it? We used to a have a bird nesting on ours, but she moved off :o(

I wanted to read Tasha Tudor's book but our library couldn't get it - still on my list! The bit I could read in a review sounded beautiful.

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

SOOOooooo does this mean your're not mad that I snuck to the
drive-in??? Ha! Ha! # 101 things about me...lucky to have a great mother!!!

tonni said...

I we had went to high school together, we would have been best friends...

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Tonni, somehow I think if we had been in High School together we WOULD have been best of friends and I would have LOVED High School!!