Thursday, July 20, 2006

I think I am tired of "warshrags"......I have made over 2 dozen, most of them a different pattern.

I was visiting Sydney (, one of my Alabama blog buddies, and saw her entry about working on a bib when it hit me......I have a cousin that lives "up north" that is having a baby in September!! I started this bib from the MD book....I love the way the colors are patterned out!! I think I'll also make a blue bib to match this one, and move on to the Kimono (if it isn't too hard for me to complete and look presentable!) LOL!!

Life is back to normal in our household.....puppy Jesse was picked up by his owners, all the "intruder" paraphenalia is gone, Max has settled down and I was actually able to coax Gracie from the basement......hmmmm.....wonder how she knew the puppy was gone?

Busy next few days and weekend ahead. Picking up my Princess Cupcake today! We will do some shopping today for "beanie babies" to donate to Children's Hospital. Children's Harbor (which is a support ministry for Children's Hospital, and is 100% privately funded) is a ministry that assists the families and children who have chronic, life-threatening illnesses at Children's Hospital. The ONE SINGLE THING that the children LOVE THE MOST is "THE CLAW". This is an arcade type deal where the kids put in a token and "go fishing around" for a stuffed animal with this claw thing. I figured Princess Cupcake would know better than I do which animals are the desirable ones!

Chicks with Sticks meets tonight, Girl's Night out Friday night with a group of my friends, Saturday morning hope to be a Knit Nouveau when they open for a quick "fix".....also introducing Cindy (Chicks with Sticks co-founder) to KN. Bake a birthday cake for my dad then on Sunday visit my folks to celebrate my Dad's birthday!!! WHEW!!! least I don't have to drive Sunday so I can knit.....YIPEE!!!!!!


wendy g said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend but fun! Glad your household to back to normal too. The kimino is an easy knit and you can do it.

Debbie said...

YOur baby bib is looking good. Love how the color pattern is turning out. Thanks for checking out my blog! So many of those pet rules happened just this past weekend.

bitterknitter said...

Good to hear that Gracie decided to come out. I'm not sure how my kitties would react to a puppy/dog.

I love the colors on the bib.

Sydney said...

I like how the colors are coming out on your bib. I haven't knit a bib in a week and I think I'm having withdrawal. I've been thinking aout knitting the kimono too.