Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blue Sky Saturday From Trussville today has a HINT of clouds!!

I have figured if I get up early enough I can actually GET a picture of blue sky before the heat and haze set in! This shot was made early this morning from my back yard....I guess this is close as we will get to actually having a cloud in the sky! Such a small chance of rain that I doubt we'll see any. I am soooooo ready for Fall!! It was over 90 degrees on the porch this morning by 9:00......even the birds are too hot to come out!!!

Hope everyone's Saturday Blue Sky is a good one!!!!

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RheLynn said...

Very pretty sky - and yes, isn't the heat awful? I'm still not used to the short days in the summer here either -- in MN it can be light out near 10:00 at the end of June.