Saturday, July 08, 2006

Blue Sky From My Kitchen!

It's Blue Sky Saturday again!! I was in a hurry this morning to get out the door to Knit Noveau for a sock class and took this picture standing in front of my kitchen sink.

I met Tonni for lunch following the sock class and had the added joy of meeting her sweet daughter Peyton!! Such a treat for me to get to meet them both!!

Tonni brought a few of her socks for me to look at....VERY impressive stitching!! So perfect they looked machine made!!! THIS is the level of knitting I hope to achieve one of these days!!

Tonni also makes soap and brought me two GREAT bars of soap.......I LOVE, LOVE any kind of bath product and I could not have been more tickled!! Unfortunately I can't post the wonderful smell of the soaps!!

I'm embarrassed to say I don't have a craft or hobby that I can produce anything good enough to give as a gift!!

Enjoyable day for me.....hope I didn't talk as much as I think I did!! LOL!!!


Alabama Gal said...

To add to your busy day, you drove out to Jasper to see your Grandmother, Mama Grace who is in the hospital.
Such a busy girl.
I love you,

RheLynn said...

Beautiful pic - I love the arch! Your washcloths would make wonderful gifts - don't discount them!

Paula said...

I like the way the arch framed the sky. Neat shot. Hope you had fun at your sock class and everything else you did!

Emily said...

Tonni makes soap?! Excellent, Great Gran needs soap to go with her washrags. Does she sell?

PS Nice sky, I like this meme-even if I can't remember when it's Saturday to post my own. =)

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Not only does Tonni make soap but she makes PRETTY soap that smells like something you would find at an upscale shop! (You can always tell the difference between quality scents and the cheap ones and these are WONDERFUL)! One is called Romance and I can't describe it but my husband fell in love with it....and he pretty much tends to be the "unscented" kind of guy!! The other bar is toasted coconut and again...smells divine!! I made a pic before I used them....just remembered that! I'll post so you can see.