Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tagged By Cindy

I was tagged by Cindy for 7 random things about me:


1. I am afraid of heights but would LOVE to learn to fly a small plane.
2. I LOVE fruitcake....not ALL fruitcakes...only one particular brand that isn't typically sold in stores.
3. I have to have total darkness to sleep....ABSOLUTE total darkness!!
4. I stay in my pajamas most days.
5. I love "tech" gadgets ....yet I am technologically challenged and I have NO patience when they don't work right!
6. I am INCREDIBLY cheap on quite a few things....this does NOT however extend to yarn or fiber purchases!!!
7. I am VERY self conscience and H.A.T.E. when I am the focus of attention!!!


grace said...

I am SO jealous that you spend most days in your pajamas! That is awesome.

dishcloth pal said...

Oh me too...I live in jammies or my Don't miss not working

KaKi said...

hmmmmmm...3-7 sound just like me!!!! Are we twins???

Bibby said...

I too have a fear of heights, but planes don't bother me either!!!