Thursday, January 03, 2008

Annie and A GREAT Scarf Swap!!!

Ginger treated the Chicks With Sticks girls with tickets to see Annie last night!!!! We had SUCH a great time!!!! It is always fun when you do things with a group of friends!!

Despite the bitterly cold temperature, and a mid week performance there was a good turn out and it was most DEFINITELY worth it!!!

The kids in this play were phenomenal......the dog....oh my....perfectly trained and never missed a cue!!

Ginger also offered a ticket to include Princess Cupcake (she is after all one of the official members of our knitting group.....the summer group)......and she had SUCH a good time!!! The Cupcake is now 12 years old and wants to do more "grown up" things like going to Broadway Plays and Ginger (already one of THE most thoughtful, genuinly nice people you will EVER meet).....wanted to include Princess Cupcake in the "Girl's Night Out"!! are a sweetie!!!! Mwah!!!!!!!!!

Ginger left her sweet hubbie home with the baby and brought her friend Leslie as her date for the evening!! Leslie is a SUPER sweet girl and I would LOVE for her to join our knitting group (hint, hint Leslie)!!!

Anyhoo........Leslie and I were complimenting each other on our scarves (unfortunately I don't have a picture of my scarf).....mine was knit using Noro yarn in beautiful shades of purple/lavendar and green, pattern from the One Skein Wonder book, pattern interestingly enough is called the "One Skein Scarf"....the pic in the book is not impressive looking at all, but knit up with the Noro was quite pretty!!

Leslie's scarf was knit with handspun yarn....I love, LOVE, LUV the thick/thin, chunky, homespun consistency of this yarn .... I am YET to be able to make any like it!!!!!

SO......after a bit of complimenting, etc. we negotiated a trade and I came home with Leslie's GORGEOUS scarf (the pic doesn't do the color justice)......and I couldn't be more tickled!!!!!!

Thanks Leslie!!!!!!!!!!! You did an awesome job on the scarf and I'll think about you every time I wear it!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


Emily said...

I think you might be the swap queen - are you keeping tabs on how many you join this year? Also,I wish you hadn't mentioned Princess Cupcake - now I've got to go and bake some! YUMMYUMMMMMUM

ginger said...

Awww! You are too sweet. I am glad everybody had a great time (like we always do!!). Love you sweet girl!

Bubblesknits said...

How cool! Mom has decided to take the boy as her date since I've got the spinning party that day. I think it'll be the perfect first play for him to see. He's been begging to go to one for the past couple years. :-)

Love the scarf!

Cindy said...

The reason you can't do chunky thin yarn is because your spinning is perfect. Now on the other hand, my spinning is chunky/thin. We did have a great time at the play!!!!!!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....perfect spinner....WAAA! Haaa! Haaa!!